Boeing… Boeing… GONE!

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The statue outside of the Machinists Union shows exactly what they are all about…

strike statue

Yes… that’s a statue of workers and their families holding picket signs around a burn barrel.  Not a statue of skilled workers with their lunch pails walking to a factory…. a statue of a strike!!! WTF?  Such a slap in the face to the company writing paychecks.

Friday Musical Interlude – Sunny Day Real Estate

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Playing tonight at the Paramount after taking a 10 year break.

Heck Yes!

Oh the memories….

Have fun tonight Michel Bonney!!!!

Farewell, VDB

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Frank Vandenbroucke, dead at 34.

An exciting rider…  His LBL victory in 99 was incredible.  Like Pantani, his life was not without it’s controversy, pain and depression.  And like Pantani, I choose to celebrate his victories, not his demons.


1999 Frank Vandenbroucke / Liège-Bastogne-Liège


2004 Frank Vandenbroucke / Paris-Nice

A Punch to the Gut.

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BIKE MEMORIAL  100609 001

That is a photograph of seven year old Kylie Bruehler. She is at a funeral service to bury her parents, both of whom were killed last week when a driver veered onto the shoulder and drove his pickup truck into them.

They were riding together on a tandem.

The local news reports that “investigators say there are no charges on the driver. They believe this was an accident and that somehow the driver lost control of his truck.”

Texas’s governor recently vetoed a law that would mandate a safe passing distance for cyclists, saying it was unnecessary.

A local news outlet has more from the police and the community outrage this incident has triggered.

On how it happened:

“”He looked off, he was looking at something else and realized the curve in the road came a lot faster than what he anticipated,” explained Deputy Chief Dale Bennett”

And the outrage:

“…the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is also dealing with a lot of angry e-mails and phone calls.”


Thanks to my Sister-in-law:  If you would like to send your thoughts to the TX Gov-


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Hate em.  Always have.

Mom would put them in cookies, salads,  she probably would have put them in Mac & Cheese if I didn’t pitch such a fit about how much I hate walnuts.

I’ve always hated them… especially that disgusting Waldorf salad at Thanksgiving.

I can’t explain to you how much I hate walnuts.  Hate, hate, hate.

Then last night,  Rosanna put them in the stuffed red peppers we had for dinner.  At first I picked them out and tossed them on her plate in disgust.  I hate Walnuts.

Wait.  What’s this?  Hmmm.

Walnuts aren’t so bad.

Who knew?