Boeing… Boeing… GONE!

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The statue outside of the Machinists Union shows exactly what they are all about…

strike statue

Yes… that’s a statue of workers and their families holding picket signs around a burn barrel. ┬áNot a statue of skilled workers with their lunch pails walking to a factory…. a statue of a strike!!! WTF? ┬áSuch a slap in the face to the company writing paychecks.

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  • Before you bemoan the statue, you perhaps should find out a little more about its history.

    Striking is the ultimate weapon of organized labor due to failed negotiations; it is not a threat from unorganized labor. Striking is a difficult choice, with many uncertainties, and must be supported by the worker’s family.

    I’ve been on strike, I’ve faced intolerable management offering sub-standard working conditions – and while we never had a burn barrel, the camaraderie & solidarity was something I’ll never forget.

    Before you place fault the Union on Boeing’s decision to open up a 2nd assembly line in SC, perhaps you should read their side of the story (

    Erik Scheller — October 29, 2009 at 9:16 pm
  • you say that these statues represent what they do in regards to solidarity but a strike should be a last resort purpose of a union. MAny many times has the Machinists union threatened and gone on strike DURING negotiations. The union’s primary goal should be to protect the employee from unfair labor practices or discuss greiveances. There are ways to do this besides a strike. The message of striking would be similar to the NRA showing people being killed or injured by guns instead of focusing on thier use as a tool of protection, defense, sport, or collection.

    I am not a member of a union but have been employed by 4 union shops (electrical Local 46 and 191) and have always been impressed with the union leadership at each being able to work through problems. Even when the contract is up and a deal isn’t made. They continued to work because they knew that the NECA contractors and the Local would sit down in a non confrontational manner and pound out a fair deal. IAM members forgot who signed their paychecks. It says BOEING in the upper left hand corner, not IAM…

    Brian P Snyder — October 30, 2009 at 6:36 pm
  • Tom Wroblewski should stop whining. Instead of pointing fingers and getting hung-up on all the he-said, she-said bullshit. Perhaps he should focus on securing the work he does have before he looses it. IAM just doesn’t get it. They are blinded by their arrogance. Striking is completely short sighted and only hurts the labor force in the long run. And if there is a union who loves to strike just look at that statue. That’s a great way to loose jobs. After a decade of consistent striking, i can’t believe he is surprised how Boeing is treating him.

    Sketti — November 9, 2009 at 6:07 pm
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