Tuesday Ride – Wind!

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We had a small storm here last night and the plan was for a few of us to meet at UW and do some tempo hills in the morning… well that was shot down.  It was an absolute mess when I woke up so I changed the plan a bit.

Tossed the rig on to the car and drove Ro to work so I started my ride in Fremont.  This of course is a fantastic place to start a ride because of the folks at Caffe Ladro and the fine coffee they serve.  After the tanks were full I tossed on the helmet and headed north.  I wanted to 3+ hours in and some hills and I was thankful the weather cleared up a bit for me.

Ride – 62 miles, north end with a small trip east 3200′ climbing

Bike –  Windsor Cross Neuvation Wheels 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – Coffee

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water 1 bottle of nuun, cliff bar and a bag of shot blocks

Weight – 165


11-17-09 ride

I was concerned that Juanita hill would be pretty trashed after the storm but really it was in ok shape.  There was on SDOT truck and work crew halfway up cleaning up a downed tree but it was clear other then that.  Holmes Point Road on the other hand was ugly.  This is one of my favorite descents in the area and I was restricted to riding the brakes all the way down while I was dodging tree branches, a trunk, Alan Alda and a VW Beetle.  Crazy times.  The plan was to Hit Montreux for the last climb but I was running short on time so I kept it to Lakemont and then headed back to West Seattle

I need to get rid of my cross chainring combination.  I’ll need to get a new chain and a 50 tooth.

I might spin on the trainer tonight with Ro for about an hour.  Tomorrow is a rest day and Thursday I’ll try a 3 hour at 250.

Stay Beautiful!

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