Sunday Team Ride 11-29-09

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It was a heck of a lot colder when I left compared to when I met the team in Fremont.  I was peeling off sweaty layer after layer when I got there, stress testing the pockets on my jersey.  We ended up with a good size group, especially when we met up with a bunch waiting at Logboom.  Turns out a bunch of folks were riding out to Monroe to catch the Cyclocross race.  It should have been pretty good hardpack for the earlier races but due to the recent rain and then soaking mist the MAsters and 1/2 group I’m sure had to make some tread changes.

It was a good ride, great pace.  I split off and rode solo choosing not to ride all the way into Snohomish.  I was feeling a little bonky and didn’t want to hold the rest of the crew back.  On Broadway heading south I passed an older gentleman on a trike.  no lights, barely a flag and traveling SO slow.  I’m sure he was having fun but that road is WAY to dangerous to be that inconspicuous.

Ride – 90 miles / 2600′ climbing

Bike – Windsor Rain Bike 46-34 x 12-25 (I ran out of gears way too much) Ksyrium front and Neuvation PT rear

Breakfast – Cliffbar, Hardboiled egg and coffee

Ride Food – 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle of nuun, Cliff Shot, Cliff Bar

I forgot my computer so no Power Data/ HR info.  It was calm though.  Nothing too tough.


Ride 11-29-2009

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