And so it begins!

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Congrats to me!

I did something that I never thought I would have done.  I basically took an entire month off of training.  Yes, it’s true.  One ENTIRE month.

Sure, I went for a cruise once or twice and even sat on my trainer to spin my legs for 20 minutes while I watched Entourage.  We know this doesn’t do much of anything for you though.

It’s been a bit hard, though.  Checking out Ryan D or Martin C’s training blogs and they are balls to the wall now.  Martin’s spent more time running earlier but he’s been hitting the weekends pretty well now.  Don’t even think about looking at Alex’s site.  He never rests.  I just had other crap I had to take care of, really.  That and I was doing 2 a day workouts in November and I think it was killing me.  One extreme to the next, that’s how I roll.

So here comes January.  My training plan is ready to go with some “A” races marked up.  I’m putting a bit more focus on my performance in Crits and Cross for 2010 although I want to be rubbing elbows with the front group in Walla Walla.  My performance last year was crap and have thought about it all year.

Time to hit the road.

2010.  Welcome to it.

Victory cures pain.

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all of you…

Break Time.

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Not so much training lately.  I’m giving the system time to digest the miles from weeks past.  The cold weather  (and now soggy) has settled in and it’s time to start thinking of Rosanna’s and my Snowshoe race coming up.  need to focus on running stairs and sprints as well as making sure all of our equipment is in top form.  I’m excited for it as Rosanna and I have never done competitive events together on a team.  I think we’ll knock it right off the mountain.

Spent a few hours volunteering at the National MS society today.  Put 125 binders together for Advocacy Day and didnt get a single paper cut.  It’s been a good day.

Off to spin on the trainer for an hour and watch some episodes of Entourage.

Stay Beautiful!

Training Ride 12-2-09

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I jumped on the bike and rode over to Fremont to drop off a cup of coffee to the wife.  It basically turned into 30 miles of endurance with a 10 mile effort at full power on my Marine View Drive loop.  If I had any food in my stomach I would have lost it on the final incline.  I started to get a bit of tunnel vision which I am accounting for lack of food.

Ride – 45 miles 30/ endurance 10/ power 5/ recovery

Bike – Windsor Rain Bike 46-34 x 12-25

Breakfast – hard boiled egg and a bagel

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water, 2 cliff gells

Weight – 165

Picture 5

It’s a bitch to sustain power on the steep downhill on Marine view drive while at the same time a little dangerous to tuck and increase speed because a few of the hidden driveways.  I’m comfortable at 30-35 but will start to squeeze the brakes after that.  It’s run and gun for the next two miles from false flat to super steep so it’s a huge power shift from zero to 350 to 600/700.

Training Ride 12-1-09

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I have a 10 mile loop here in West Seattle that give me a quick variety of terrain that I shoot around if I don’t have the time to head out towards the Lake or Cougar.  It’s close to home, coffee, a bike shop and food just in case I get into any trouble.  A big plus is most of the community is pretty bike friendly so I dont really have too many problems with the haters.

The challenge doing this ride on my fixie is going down Marine View Drive.  It’s pretty damn steep.  I’ve gone up it once fixed (my normal direction) but learned real quick that it was just too much

Ride – 35 miles 1650 feet of gain 3 loops

Bike – Schwinn Tempo Fixed gear 42 x 16

Breakfast – coffee and a hard boiled egg

Ride food – 2 small bottles of water and a bag of shot blocks

Weight – 165

Really felt the last loop going up California.  It’s a tough hill, pretty close to incline and length of Longbranch. I usually try to sprint this hill on my road bike but it’s a fight to stay upright on the 42 x 16

Would have loved to see a powerfile for this one.

Ride 12-1-09