And so it begins!

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Congrats to me!

I did something that I never thought I would have done.  I basically took an entire month off of training.  Yes, it’s true.  One ENTIRE month.

Sure, I went for a cruise once or twice and even sat on my trainer to spin my legs for 20 minutes while I watched Entourage.  We know this doesn’t do much of anything for you though.

It’s been a bit hard, though.  Checking out Ryan D or Martin C’s training blogs and they are balls to the wall now.  Martin’s spent more time running earlier but he’s been hitting the weekends pretty well now.  Don’t even think about looking at Alex’s site.  He never rests.  I just had other crap I had to take care of, really.  That and I was doing 2 a day workouts in November and I think it was killing me.  One extreme to the next, that’s how I roll.

So here comes January.  My training plan is ready to go with some “A” races marked up.  I’m putting a bit more focus on my performance in Crits and Cross for 2010 although I want to be rubbing elbows with the front group in Walla Walla.  My performance last year was crap and have thought about it all year.

Time to hit the road.

2010.  Welcome to it.

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  • whatever it takes dude! after ducks game git r done!

    ryan — January 1, 2010 at 5:11 pm
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