Long Recovery Ride 1/17/2010

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I left this morning knowing I wasn’t going to do the “Sketti, oh my god I can’t feel my legs anymore” ride.  He put out a plan that after yesterdays jaunt, would have done me in… especially if I rode from West Seattle!  The TEAM ride was headed Snohomish and Monroe with some 20 second sprint work switched in and out with tempo and intervals.  Jesus… Coach Lang Reynolds is putting the screws into Sketti!

I, however, decided to head to Ladro, say hi with whoever was there and than ride the northend of the lake and home.  Sile and a few of the TPR women showed up, then Dustin and Lyle.  We jetted out and headed north.  At logboom I turned south towards Juanita and thankfully Lyle joined me.  We haven’t had a chance to chat in depth since he joined the team so it was nice just to shoot the shit and get a bit deeper than just riding the bike.  We even got a chance to stop in Bellevue for a coffee and a pastry which I won’t lie, I needed.  Lyle headed home at Montlake and I  shot through fremont ant the waterfront back to West Seattle

It was a good tempo ride, averaged 200 watts and felt very comfortable.

Ride – 61 miles, route below

Bike – Windsor Rain 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – Bagel w/ turkey and cream cheese, hard boiled egg and water

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water, cookie and coffee

avg watts – 200

weight 169

Team Ride, Saturday 1/16/10

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Wow, what a big group!  Finally!

We meandered down south Lake Washington and hit the pit stop at Coulon Park where we broke into three intensity groups.  I hopped on to the first group just to see how long I would last and it wasn’t very long at all.  WTF was I thinking?  Halfway up McDonald hill I popped something fierce and knowing I still had to make it home in one piece I sat up and watched the group go. I snapped it into my 46-25 and just spun my way up to the top.  Jeff D had turned around to pick up the stragglers and we met up with half of group one on May Valley when we put it on cruise control.  I had just gotten to the front and locked in a good tempo when I heard “FLAT!”  Poor Jeff flatted his front, probably due to the insane amount of glass on Coal Creek… it was pretty bad.  I looked at my watch and did a little calculation in my head and I knew I needed to turn around now as Annabelle had a vet follow up for her leg.  So when I knew JD had the flat under control, I waved adios to them and reversed course.

I kept it on Coal Creek all the way back to Factoria and mostly held above 300 watts.  Felt like I had found a good zone and something I could keep for a good chunk of distance.  There’s a pretty good descent on Coal Creek that I lost my wattage but ended up passing a couple cars to keep up the spirit. I shot around Mercer Island and then did another half of it before cruising back into Leschi.

Good ride.  A lot of teammates out.  49 miles map below.

Bike -Windsor Rain 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – 2 hard boiled eggs, PB toast, cheese and water

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water

Average watts 230

weight – 169

Another team ride tomorrow is heading up to Monroe… I think I’ll start with the team but split off in Kenmore to ride around the lake.


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Yeah, YOU! You little bastard. Meth-head motherf#cker. You the putz that broke into my friends house and stole his bike. Not just any bike, mind you. But my boys P3SL TT bike with quarq power meter.

Now I agree… TT’s are stupid. But he rocks ’em like no one’s business. You better have eyes in the back of your head because you have a good hundred folks hunting your ass down. You better hope the cops find you first.


Dear readers, if you haven’t figured it out yet, my friend and teammate had his house broken into a few weeks ago and, among other things, they stole his TT rig. if you see it on ebay or craigslist please hit the “contact me” link at the top of this page and hit me up with the info. See below for the info-

My house in NE Seattle was burglarized last night and my TT bike was stolen. Please keep an eye out for someone trying to unload a 55cm black Cervelo P3SL model year 2005. The most distinguishing feature is brand new a quarq power meter on brand new rotor cranks. Luckily I had training wheels on it, velomax I think, and not zipps.




Friday Musical Interlude is Back!

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It’s been a long time, I know.

Ulrich Schnauss

Look at the Sky

In All the Wrong Places

Just a thought…

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I miss my dad.  Going on 12 years now.  Sure could use some of his advice…  Maybe just a ride around the canal.

Recovery ride 1/4/10

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Woke up this morning to a torrential down pour.  Well… Not really,  it was just kind of raining and a little windy.  Some peanut butter toast and a few cups of coffee later I was shoving off to do a loop of Mercer Island.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than riding across the I-90 bridge in the rain.  With traffic flying past at 60+ mph, the spray stings your face and permeates the best wet weather clothing.  By the time I got to East Mercer I was soaked to the bone but luckily not frozen.  I have found a new way to keep the hands and feet warm and somewhat dry in this weather and it involves wool socks/ plastic baggies/ shoes and neoprene booties and glove liners, latex gloves and neoprene over gloves.  I did look like that little kid from a Christmas Story though when I left the house.

Worst part of the ride was getting stuck at the lower drawbridge coming home.  I started shivering as it closed and damned the port for opening it even though there was NO shipping traffic!  WTF?  I guess they were just screwing with me.

I took a right on beach and rode up California and followed it all the way home.

I was a bit stiff and sore from yesterday.  I took it super easy except up California (I was trying to warm up) and even though you would think otherwise, I had a great solo 40 miles in the rain.  Sometimes it just happens.

Ride – 40 miles, route below

Bike – Windsor rain – 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – PB toast, string cheese coffee and water

Ride food – two small bottles nuun/ Cliff, bag of shot blocks

weight 172


Team Ride 1/3/10 Super bonk 98 miler

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It was good day/ bad day for me.   Started out feeling great but by the time we got out to Snohomish I was skipping turns.  Always a bad sign when you are only halfway through the ride.

We had a d-bag of a driver run up on us and slam on his brakes that just absolutely scared the crap out of me so I backed off and sat behind the pack.  I was shaking pretty bad and all I could think of was what happened the LAST time I got drilled by a car (and now I’m riding without health insurance)  It took me a few minutes to get myself under control to join the pack but it was game over.  My mind was elsewhere.  when we hit the rise at the end of Lowell, I exploded and knew it was going to be a long ride home.  My riding partners though just picked up the pace and we were drilling River Road (who doesnt?)  I sat at the back and wheel hopped but jumped in 3 times until I knew I was just hurting the cause so I just sat on and road the pack in.

The return trip was hell.  the second we hit Broadway I was off the back.  Luckily Neil was there too so we just traded pulls into Maltby where I started to feel better.  We ran into Jeff where the trail connects and Neil went east and Jeff and I road the trail until he pulled off at 40th then Cross-eyed Brian bonked HARD at Fremont.  I stopped at a 7-11 and got a snickers bar and a coke, my face was numb and I had a hard time pedaling.  By the time I got home I was shaking, full on body shivers and devoured the first food I saw.  French bread dipped in PB, a glass of water and a glass of whole milk.  Shower, warm clothes and a HUGE plate of sketti and meatballs followed as well as a can of Keystone Light (hell yeah!)  then it was legs up on the couch for 2 hours.

All I can say is “Holy crap”

Ride Route below

Bike – Windsor Rain 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – water, PB&J, string cheese and coffee

Ride Food – Large bottle of nuun, small bottle of Clff, 2 bags of shot blocks, snickers and a coke

weight – 173

10 ride

Team Ride – 1/2/10

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As much as I wanted to catch the ride Friday the 1st, my liver was still in quiver mode when I woke up and the weather was absolute crap.  So, today was my first day out on the wheels and boy did I feel it.

Considering I have been off for so long, I really wanted to concentrate on form and breathing.  being dropped was ok if it came down to it but thankfully those who met up at Leschi all had the same pace in mind.  A few wishes of a new year, a cup of coffee and off we went across the bridge heading east.  We stayed on Coal Creek instead of the normal Newport route and hit Cougar from the other side which is a route I prefer.   Cougar went better than I expected.  I concentrated on staying glued to Brad’s wheel who just had a perfect pace.  Loved getting to the top and have the tail wind push you to that right hand turn.  I bagged the extra portion as I didn’t want to overdo the first day.  The descent was fine and the road surface was better than I expected and at the bottom I let the rest of the group head off to Eastlake while Neil joined me for the ride back.  He split off after the bridge and I dropped it down to super easy for the cruise back to West Seattle.

Verdict is in, I felt good.  A lot better on the climbs then I thought I was going to.  Still, though, I have a LONG way to go both in fitness and weight.  This month I will concentrate on distance, tempo and form with 2 x 20 efforts once a week moving to Ladder intervals in February.

Route below-

10 ride