Recovery ride 1/4/10

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Woke up this morning to a torrential down pour.  Well… Not really,  it was just kind of raining and a little windy.  Some peanut butter toast and a few cups of coffee later I was shoving off to do a loop of Mercer Island.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than riding across the I-90 bridge in the rain.  With traffic flying past at 60+ mph, the spray stings your face and permeates the best wet weather clothing.  By the time I got to East Mercer I was soaked to the bone but luckily not frozen.  I have found a new way to keep the hands and feet warm and somewhat dry in this weather and it involves wool socks/ plastic baggies/ shoes and neoprene booties and glove liners, latex gloves and neoprene over gloves.  I did look like that little kid from a Christmas Story though when I left the house.

Worst part of the ride was getting stuck at the lower drawbridge coming home.  I started shivering as it closed and damned the port for opening it even though there was NO shipping traffic!  WTF?  I guess they were just screwing with me.

I took a right on beach and rode up California and followed it all the way home.

I was a bit stiff and sore from yesterday.  I took it super easy except up California (I was trying to warm up) and even though you would think otherwise, I had a great solo 40 miles in the rain.  Sometimes it just happens.

Ride – 40 miles, route below

Bike – Windsor rain – 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – PB toast, string cheese coffee and water

Ride food – two small bottles nuun/ Cliff, bag of shot blocks

weight 172


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  • nothing like road spray in the face while getting blown into the fence on the I 90 bridge. I know that feeling well…

    Have enjoyed reading the blog. keep up the great writing!

    Marc — January 5, 2010 at 10:23 pm
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