Team Ride – 1/2/10

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As much as I wanted to catch the ride Friday the 1st, my liver was still in quiver mode when I woke up and the weather was absolute crap.  So, today was my first day out on the wheels and boy did I feel it.

Considering I have been off for so long, I really wanted to concentrate on form and breathing.  being dropped was ok if it came down to it but thankfully those who met up at Leschi all had the same pace in mind.  A few wishes of a new year, a cup of coffee and off we went across the bridge heading east.  We stayed on Coal Creek instead of the normal Newport route and hit Cougar from the other side which is a route I prefer.   Cougar went better than I expected.  I concentrated on staying glued to Brad’s wheel who just had a perfect pace.  Loved getting to the top and have the tail wind push you to that right hand turn.  I bagged the extra portion as I didn’t want to overdo the first day.  The descent was fine and the road surface was better than I expected and at the bottom I let the rest of the group head off to Eastlake while Neil joined me for the ride back.  He split off after the bridge and I dropped it down to super easy for the cruise back to West Seattle.

Verdict is in, I felt good.  A lot better on the climbs then I thought I was going to.  Still, though, I have a LONG way to go both in fitness and weight.  This month I will concentrate on distance, tempo and form with 2 x 20 efforts once a week moving to Ladder intervals in February.

Route below-

10 ride

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