Long Recovery Ride 1/17/2010

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I left this morning knowing I wasn’t going to do the “Sketti, oh my god I can’t feel my legs anymore” ride.  He put out a plan that after yesterdays jaunt, would have done me in… especially if I rode from West Seattle!  The TEAM ride was headed Snohomish and Monroe with some 20 second sprint work switched in and out with tempo and intervals.  Jesus… Coach Lang Reynolds is putting the screws into Sketti!

I, however, decided to head to Ladro, say hi with whoever was there and than ride the northend of the lake and home.  Sile and a few of the TPR women showed up, then Dustin and Lyle.  We jetted out and headed north.  At logboom I turned south towards Juanita and thankfully Lyle joined me.  We haven’t had a chance to chat in depth since he joined the team so it was nice just to shoot the shit and get a bit deeper than just riding the bike.  We even got a chance to stop in Bellevue for a coffee and a pastry which I won’t lie, I needed.  Lyle headed home at Montlake and I  shot through fremont ant the waterfront back to West Seattle

It was a good tempo ride, averaged 200 watts and felt very comfortable.

Ride – 61 miles, route below

Bike – Windsor Rain 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – Bagel w/ turkey and cream cheese, hard boiled egg and water

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water, cookie and coffee

avg watts – 200

weight 169

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