Pacific Raceways 3/23/10 Flats

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Back on Track.

 First Pacific Raceways of 2010 and when I rolled up I picked up a 1/2 number and a Masters number not knowing which I felt like jumping into.  When Martin drove up with Dave H in the IJM bus it was off with black number 8 and on with blue number 11.

 Right from the gun, 3 Starbucks launched off and I jumped on them thinking even though it was early, if something went and I was so close to the front if I didn’t go Martin might box my ears a bit.  Not gonna lie but 2 of 3 were super strong but were taking LONG pulls.  They weren’t even letting me pull through so I just sat back and watched.  By the time we got past the drag strip they pooped out and the pack caught us.  Still trying to figure out what the plan was on that.

 Brought the pack around the wall for the first prime and Dave yells at me to watch right and a few guys scream past, one being Martin.  I got swallowed up and pretty much just hung front to mid pack until the second sprint.  Martin and Dave tried to get away after the second prime but it looked a bit jumbled so they were caught easily.  3 laps to go Martin tells me to find him on the last lap for game on.  Last lap comes and while I was positioned well I was pinched on the west turn on to the strip and fell back quickly.  By the time I made it up to Martin and Dave I was on the far left and they were on the far right.


 Martin puts a HUGE push around the turn and the wall and Dave launches for the win.  I came in a few bike lengths after Martin so it wasn’t totally a complete loss for me… more of a confidence booster and a learning experience.  I should have been more aggressive keeping my spot in the pack on the last lap.  We got the result but I should have been there.

 Side note- that was the bumpiest sprint I have ever been in (not that I’m in the final sprint that often)  but it was crazy.  STRAIGHT LINE PEOPLE!  Look where the hell you are going too!

 Bike – BMC SL01 50-34 x 11-21 Neuvation wheels

Ride Food – water

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  • nice work b-snizzle! feel the power of the darkside!

    Ryan — March 24, 2010 at 11:41 am
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