Message to my father.

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I know you’ll be there to help, Grandpa….

I’ll make you proud.

4 Responses to “Message to my father.”

  • He would be so tickled!

    carrie — September 15, 2010 at 10:02 am
  • I’m already so proud of you!

    Rosanna — September 16, 2010 at 3:45 pm
  • I am sure your father is so very proud of you. I never got to meet your father, but I am sure he was a wonderful man to have raised such a wonderful son. Soon you will understand how much he did and still does love you, when you hold that new baby in your arms, there will be a feeling that over comes you and you will then know the true depth of a parents love. Enjoy every minute of it Brian…you are about to embark and a wonderful life changing ride….and it is awesome!

    Charmaine — September 21, 2010 at 2:34 pm
  • This is one of the best posts ever.

    Emery — September 24, 2010 at 8:55 pm
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