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If you haven’t noticed yet, I killed my FB page.  I’ve neglected my own site for far too long and it’s time to jump back in.  There’s a redesign coming shortly that will liven things up and maybe I’ll even put some lasers on here because everything is cooler with lasers.

The big news (besides Ro moving into her third trimester) is that I have left Lighthouse Electrical group and “came back home” as some of my new (old?) co-workers call it.  Yup, I’m back at North Coast Electric Co. like I always new I would.

I have a lot to say about my 10 months at Lighthouse Electrical Group but will save that for a later post.  It was truly exciting, eye opening and educational for sure and I wish them luck in the future. The need lasers though, everyhting needs lasers.

not only have I been bad about updating this site but my Flickr site is WAY behind.  I was able to pull all my pictures off Facebook and when I get some time, like maybe the upcoming holiday weekend, I’ll load them up there.

I know.  Talk is cheap.   So here’s a taste of Friday on Wednesday…