Pacific Raceways 3/23/10 Flats

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Back on Track.

 First Pacific Raceways of 2010 and when I rolled up I picked up a 1/2 number and a Masters number not knowing which I felt like jumping into.  When Martin drove up with Dave H in the IJM bus it was off with black number 8 and on with blue number 11.

 Right from the gun, 3 Starbucks launched off and I jumped on them thinking even though it was early, if something went and I was so close to the front if I didn’t go Martin might box my ears a bit.  Not gonna lie but 2 of 3 were super strong but were taking LONG pulls.  They weren’t even letting me pull through so I just sat back and watched.  By the time we got past the drag strip they pooped out and the pack caught us.  Still trying to figure out what the plan was on that.

 Brought the pack around the wall for the first prime and Dave yells at me to watch right and a few guys scream past, one being Martin.  I got swallowed up and pretty much just hung front to mid pack until the second sprint.  Martin and Dave tried to get away after the second prime but it looked a bit jumbled so they were caught easily.  3 laps to go Martin tells me to find him on the last lap for game on.  Last lap comes and while I was positioned well I was pinched on the west turn on to the strip and fell back quickly.  By the time I made it up to Martin and Dave I was on the far left and they were on the far right.


 Martin puts a HUGE push around the turn and the wall and Dave launches for the win.  I came in a few bike lengths after Martin so it wasn’t totally a complete loss for me… more of a confidence booster and a learning experience.  I should have been more aggressive keeping my spot in the pack on the last lap.  We got the result but I should have been there.

 Side note- that was the bumpiest sprint I have ever been in (not that I’m in the final sprint that often)  but it was crazy.  STRAIGHT LINE PEOPLE!  Look where the hell you are going too!

 Bike – BMC SL01 50-34 x 11-21 Neuvation wheels

Ride Food – water

Victory cures pain.

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The Choices we make

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From the Optygen web site:

“The last month and a half of racing has been GREAT!! In between all the hard work, and with the help of OPTYGEN to get me though the workouts and racing, I had three of my best races at Elite Nationals. I set a PR in the pursuit and my best results in the points race. I was also on the winning team pursuit team.

As far as Worlds goes (William’s won three Gold Medals and set a World Record). It was my best competition as far as feeling like I could do anything I set my mind to. That is after I got the first race done and looked up at the timing board and it said WORLD BEST TIME!! I knew I was on a good ride but had no idea of what time it would be. I felt like I was recovering well after every race and could go 100% each time on got on the track. I set PR’s in every race for the whole week. So I guess that after having my best year of racing and I’m now 35 year old. I can say that OPTYGEN really WORKS!! No doubts.”

Kenny Williams-Seattle, WA.
3 Time Gold Medal Winner 2002 Master’s World Championships (Kilo, Pursuit and Points races)
1 KM World Record Holder (world best time of 1:06:699 the old record was 1:07:469)
Cat 1 Racer (Road & Track)

And now two years suspension (maybe) because the Optygen just wasn’t enough.  The fact that Hamilton was busted for DHEA didn’t make you think twice is just unbelievable, almost as unbelievable as a top USA cycling official coming out and throwing support.

Good Racer

Bad Choices

Jens Voigt… (updated)

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My heart goes out to big Jens and his family.  That was a nasty fall today at 7okph

Heal quickly-






Good News from Grenoble-

In a statement issued late Tuesday evening, the team said the 37-year-old German is alert, but will remain hospitalized for observation.


“An examination at the University hospital in Grenoble this evening has initially given positive reports on Jens Voigt’s health after the nasty crash during today’s stage of Tour de France. He has incurred a fracture of the right cheekbone and a concussion. For now he is staying at the hospital for further observation.

Read the entire story over at


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This week has absolutely flown by.  

Saturday I raced the Joe Matava 4th of July crit and absolutely got worked.  Stupid move with 5 to go and got blown straight out the back  Pretty unhappy about it but hey, it happens.  Sunday Rosanna and I hopped on the tandem and rode onto the ferry heading to Southworth.  We basically rode along the water into Port Orchard and up Mitchel Road to see my mom and then back  Good 40 miles with a few good hills.  I SO need a new saddle on that bike. :-)

Tuesday, Tony B and I drove down early to Pacific Raceways and did a fantastic 20 mile warm up before the race.  We actually rode past a house he lived in as a kid.  It was a great route  and we got a chance to catch up.  Brad showed up too for the race and it was us thre against what felt like 35 yellow and black jerseys from the Wine’s crew.  I will admit, they rode smart but in reality, it’s easy to own the field when almost half of it is YOUR team :-)  Good race though.  I finished mid pack and really had a great time.

Took wednesday off to drink beer.  Yup.

Today, Jeff D, Ryan G, John N and I met up for the 6pm Seward Park crit.  HUGE group showed up so we planned to stick at the front to avoid any mishaps.  Unfortunately, Ryan (with those massive legs) tore his damn rear derailleur off on the last lap.  Sucks to be that strong.  I busted my cleat on the small hill sprinting to stay with the lead group on the prime/ 2 to go.  That has NOTHING to do with massive power… they were just really old :-)  It was annoying riding back though after the race… click, click, click…

I’m now onto my second beer for the night, about to eat a Burrito, watch the tour and head off to bed.


Goodnight everyone, stay beautiful.

Food for Thought…

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From Pez Cycling-

Into the Big Ring
Here are four tools you can use to climb up and over the next frontiers in your riding:

1. Take the sting out of your negative thoughts. Be wary of any “certainties” – “I’m going to get dropped,” “I’ll finish DFL,” “My teammates will be angry with me” – and challenge them. Notice any feared (but realistic) possibilities – “I’m not sure I can do it,” “I might get dropped,” “I might not finish at all,” – and plan for how you’ll handle those feared outcomes; you may then not fear them as much. Check out the articles on Effective Self-Talk and Handling Pressure for more ideas here.

Negative thoughts feel powerful, especially the “certainties,” but it’s a superficial power, not a deep power. Superficial power can look like an effective way to combat your anxiety. It’s not.

2. Find additional ways to manage and reduce your anxiety. The less fear and anxiety you feel, the more likely you are to go for it in your riding. Effective self-talk will help a great deal, and may be all you need. However, you may benefit from understanding your anxiety – on and off the bike – more clearly, using breathing techniques, and better integrating your body and mind.

3. See and be seen. Reflect on everything in this article. If there’s a part of you that’s been hidden and yet running the show at times, seeing it will help you. Check out the article on self-awareness for more ideas here.

Having others you trust see these parts of you may help as well. Physician Rachel Naomi Remen, in her wonderful book, “Kitchen Table Wisdom,” tells the story of attending a day-long master class with the great psychologist Carl Rogers. He said to the group, about his counseling practice,

“Before every session I take a moment to remember my humanity. There is no experience that this man has that I cannot share with him, no fear that I cannot understand, no suffering that I cannot care about, because I too am human. No matter how deep his wound, he does not need to be ashamed in front of me. I too am vulnerable. And because of this, I am enough. Whatever his story, he no longer needs to be alone with it.”

After watching Rogers conduct a session, Remen was stunned. She remembers:

“I had always worked hard at being good enough; it was the golden standard by which I decided what to read, what to wear, how to spend time, where to live, and even what to say. Even ‘good enough’ was not really good enough for me. I had spent a lifetime trying to make myself perfect. But if what Rogers was saying was true, perfection was the booby prize. What was needed was simply to be human. I was human. All my life I had feared being found out.”

4. Trust the power of experience. As I noted in The Power of Cyclotherapy, experiences on the bike offer you opportunities not only for fun and success but also growth and transformation. Yes, you could be right at times: Feared outcomes will make you feel every bit as bad as you fear you will feel. But not only will you survive those experiences, you may need them for your freedom: you may need them in order to reduce and eliminate the hold your anxiety and injuries have on you. There very well may be no way out but through.


The full article can be read over at Pez.  It’s very good… Something I know I need to pay more attention to.

Weekend Race Wrap-Up, Capitol Crit and Boston Harbor

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Capitol Crit –

I wasn’t planning on racing Saturday but at the last minute I changed my mind.  As has been well documented throughout my blog, I am NOT a crit racer.  I always feel like I’m hanging on for dear life and am never much help to the team.  Friday night I decided to nut up and toss myself into the fire.  The weather was muggy.  It felt like it was going to dump rain on us at any moment.  In fact during the womens 3 race I did feel a drop or two but that ended up being the only rain for the rest of the afternoon. 

IJM was well represented in the Cat 3 field with: Aaron S, Brad K, Ryan D, Jeff D, Tony B and Brian S.  I really put in a hard warm up which I think made this crit for me. 

To be quite honest, I couldn’t see straight for the first 30 minutes.  I fought to stay in the front / middle of the pack because I knew on this course that if you got gapped off the pack you were pretty much toast.  I locked on to Tony and shadowed him pretty much the entire time.  I popped up front twice, once when Brad had a great gap and then when Aaron was in his break which turned to be the winning group, Aaron killing it for another podium place, 3rd!


Boston Harbor –

This is by far one of my favorite races.  As Jeff D put it, it’s a “longish crit” as it’s a short circuit race at only 40 miles.  small rollers with one quick decentthen an up hill leading to a false flat and then a bombing finish run.  We were rolling a little short with expected IJM racers with Brad, Tony, Jeff and myself.  We needed to change tactics a bit but still knew we would have to watch EVERYTHING Recycled did since it was the second day in a row that they brought a large group.

As was expected Recycled threw guys off the front from the start.  We covered well with a little help from some other squads but it really felt like the IJM/ Recycled show part 2.  They were either chasing us or we were chasing them and the rest of the pack would just follow.  We were flying… The pace never really let up with the exception of a couple times on the backside before another set of attacks.

It was pretty good game of cat and mouse and Our guys put some serious work in.

Going into the last lap the pack shattered.  The pace was starting to get to folks and we had a break of about 10 off the front with NONE of us in it.  I didn’t have much left in the tank for a good finish so I put everything I had left to put Brad Jeff and Tony back into play


I was cooked and barely hung on to the back of the pack as we caught the break.  we hit the downhill and the quick right/ left turn and ended up losing concentration and rolling into the ditch.  I tried to regain on the backside but the small headwind was pushing me back further and further.  Up the road I could see people getting popped off the back as the pace got faster and faster…


There was a 15 man sprint and the rest of us trickled in.  I had a hard time turning the pedals to the line and was just a little dissapointed that I didn’t make the lead pack.

It was a great weekend with my friends.  We are starting to click together and I think the end of the season and going into next will be fantastic.

Bike – BMC SL01  Neuvation wheels 53-49 x 11-25

I planned on racing the Eastons on Sunday but turned out I hadn’t swapped my 9spd cassette since the Time Trial.  The Neuvations did well though.  I really love those wheels even though they are a tad creaky.  I need to take them in and get them tensioned.

Hey! Look!

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If you blinked, you would have missed it.





Too little too late.  Contadoper assisting his future teammate?  Me thinks so I says.



Ravensdale Road Race 5-9-09

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Brad K, Aaron S, Tony B, Darren M and myself.

Beautiful day for racing.  I still went with arm warmers but took them off on the first lap.  The sun seemed to bring everyone out as all categories looked packed which on a wider road course would have been much more enjoyable but with these out in Ravensdale made for a lot of bumping and pushing.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, Alex R from Garage and I are at the front with an easy neutral roll out pace.  We were confident that we were neutral to the “y” where the circuit starts and were floored when a Lenovo kid flies past us on the right, locks on to the back of the lead car and is gone.  GONE.  All of us are convinced that he will be DQ’d for either jumping the neutral or drafting the lead car so no one really chases.

Lap two (of six) I hit a pothole and lose my bottle.  My FULL bottle.  I have flashbacks of last year when bottles were flying right and left and we lost half the pack due to crashes.  Luckily I’m at the BACK and don’t create the carnage that should have ensued.  I feel bad… really bad and the loss of the bottle makes it even worse.  I think about pulling out on the 3rd lap… Water almost gone, sketchy riders doing stupid stuff.  Taking HUGE risks that get the no where.  Just stupid.  Lap 4 I’m feeling better.  The legs aren’t feeling as heavy but I’m out of water and my mouth is starting to go dry.  Some guy lets me take a pull off his bottle and that helps but I know I’ll be hurting soon. I can’t see what’s going on up front but I notice a couple IJM jerseys pop off the sharp end of the group every now and then… Nothing is getting away as Hagens is chasing everything down (even their own?). Lap 5 I move to the front and hear the time gap to the Lenovo kid.


2:30???  Holy !@$%

He’s still racing.  He’s not DQ’d

I fight the 5th lap just to stay up since I know moving up on lap 6 will be almost impossible because of the narrow roads.  I’m parched… completely dry.  I can feel the coagulation around my mouth and I feel really hot.  Tony lets me take a long drink and it’s instant rejuvenation. About 5k to go the speed dies.  we start to get swarmed and I know we’ll need to keep our position so I nail the front to string it out a bit more before the downhill and turn.  Who chases me?  Hagens.  Does he come through?  Nope.  Recycled does though and we are hammering again.  As I fall back in the little kid from Hagens runs right into me.  Just blatant idiocy and not paying attention.  Some of the guys yell at him, I’m trying to get back under control and go from 10-30th wheel in 2 seconds.  We hit the turn and all of IJM makes it through.  Sitting good and all 5 of us next to each other… gonna be a great lead out!  We hit the base of the first roller and it happens. HUGE pile up.  Tony goes down (on his new bike!) Aaron puts it in the ditch, Brad endo’s into the pile… and I do something retarded.  I look back to make sure the guys are ok and then turn my head back around to see guys on the deck in front of me.  I plow into them and there goes the pack.  Or what’s left of it.  I see Darren is still up there and I was able to jump back on my bike  I pass a few people on the second roller but it’s over, D gets 9th and I get 29th.  Aaron, Brad and Tony limp in.  No damage done to the machinery and Tony only lost a set of shorts.

Turns out they DID DQ the Lenovo kid for Neutral roll out infraction.  That moves us all up one spot and makes for one pissed off (and almost in tears) kids.  Roll out infraction or not… that was an amazing performance.  I say give him the points and let him enjoy the cat 2’s.  Really, who’s fault is it?  The lead car gunned it from the start.  Doesn’t the car control lead out?

BAck at the car I chugged a bottle of water and a Corona that Tony gave me.  I was well on track for recovery and all I needed was a cheeseburger and I’d be set.

Good times.  Next race for me (not counting PR or Seward) is Enumclaw Omnium.  Haven’t decided if I’m doing the whole thing or not, guess I need to make up my mind soon.

Great job by my teammates in all categories, especially RC in Masters AB getting 3rd.  

Rock on!

Race – 56 miles, rolling narrow roads light breeze and sunny

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 q rings Easton EC90 Aero wheels

Breakfast – Pasta, cottage cheese,  coffee, HEED

Race food – 1/2 a powerbar, bag of shot blocks and 1 small bottle of water

Max HR 201

Avg HR 157

Vance Creek Road Race

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Sunday was the Vance Creek road race in Elma, WA, lovingly staged at the Satsop Development Park (which is a cute name for a never finished nuclear reactor plant).  This is a fairly challenging course starting with a sweeping decent into a cross wind followed by a hard right on to twisting narrow farm roads, another right turn into the wind and small rollers that end up being a greater than 90 degreeturn with a 20% incline before rounding the coolant towers and starting another lap. 

The weather was perfect with the exception of a slight breeze that grew stronger throughout the race and it was just in between arm/knee warmer or without so I opted for with, which turned out to be a good choice.  We rolled down the first hill through what seemed to be purposely sanded yet never swept roads.  The gravel was flying every where… in my helmet, in my mouth, bouncing between carbon wheels…  a lot of flats today.  We drilled the farm roads on almost every lap and if you were unlucky enough to be at the back, that’s where you stayed.  the tight corners and narrow road exacerbated the accordion effect and it was strung out for pretty much the entire length.  We all came together though at the park… the collective breath  before the rollers and climb.

The climb to the finish really isn’t all that hard.  Alex and Ryan rolled it in the big ring.  I was spinning the small ring to the top and never felt I was in any type of trouble.  I sat comfortably mid pack every time up and was glad to hear the cheering from Elizabeth through the feed each time.  Thanks!  Alex once again sat at the very front for most of the race, which I didn’t feel was too necessary on the 1st and second lap.  No one was letting anything get away.  He tried a couple of times and so did Aaron but Recycled and Cucina were killing it to keep it together.  I shot off with Tom Wick on the farm roads lap 3 (his second break attempt) and some other guy but right away I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere.  the other guy wasn’t pulling hard enough for us to get away, I was tired from bridging so I couldn’t pull and Tom couldn’t do it ALL himself so I sat up seeing how close they were.  All of a sudden Olivier from Apex screams past me and is gone, picking up one of the guys from the break and heading off.  I let Alex, Aaron and Ryan know who just went off and the chase was on… caught just as we hit the rollers.

You could tell by lap 5 that the fatigue was starting to set in.  2 guys over cooked corners on the farm roads and ditched it.  Ryan Dean took a spill after the park but before the rollers.  I stopped and yelled if he needed a pull up but he was taken care of by the follow car and the pack had slowed a bit, it was easy to catch back on.  Going into the last lap there was a small group off the front and no one was really concerned as we descended into the farms roads for the last time.  I picked my way up to the front and gave chase with a Receycled and Hagens guy and then started rotating.  Odd that no one was coming up to help considering the representation in the group.  Finally mid way through the back side half of the Recycled crew just drill the chase.  It was pretty impressive!  and with their efforts came the inevitable catch and posturing before the final climb to the finish.  I was in poor position at 1k and when the pace really picked up right before the turn I was no where near the front.  I rolled though the line with a smile though… I knew Aaron and Ryan were in great position and that is a perfect finish for both of them.  Turns out they went 5th and 6th over the line together, Alex at the front of the main pack and then me.  Poor Recycled Cycles, after ALL of that work I don’t think any of them cracked the top 20.  Sucks but that’s racing.  They won the tough team of the day award.

After the race it was off to Alastair’s house and had a great time munching on Lamb burgers and a couple of beers.  Good Times!

Race – 80 miles

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50/34 x 11/23 (back up bike until the new cranks get here for the BMC)

Food – 1 large bottle w/ 4 scoops of Enduarance/ Malto 1 small bottle of HEED (I could have used another bottle and two bags of shot blocks

Max HR 197

AVG HR 141

AVG speed 24

Max speed 48

Great news from the day, Brenda took 2nd in the cat 4 women and Cathy took 2nd in the Cat 3 women.  Greg K finished well in the Cat 1/2 men and Dave H took a top 10 in the Masters Men.

Next weekend is the Glenwood RR in Port Orchard (which I will miss) and then Longbranch RR on Key Peninsula.  Pain fest!

I’m still alive… I promise

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Sheesh it’s been busy.

I’ll do a longer recap of the Tour of Walla Walla stage race.  I’ll just say that it was hard… REALLY hard.  In fact, the new Friday stage was the hardest race I have EVER done, next to TST a few years ago.  The team had a great showing in all categories for men and women.  Rosanna got to ride her cruiser bike all over Walla Walla with Elizabeth and wine tasted while all of us were killing each other in the hills.

Oh my god hills.  I need more climbing.  Lot’s more climbing.

Quick tip to those who put on night crits.  It’s supposed to be dark, I know, and it’s really cool but make sure their is adequate lighting to see a couple feet in front of you, at least on the corners.  That was $@%^ ridiculous.

Brad had a nasty fall on Sunday but because he has 20 pound stones hanging off him he got back up and finished the race, then drove himself to the ER.  Holy crap.

Rosanna and I ended the life of a deer on I-90 heading home.  Deer meat and blood all over the car and bikes.  Not a pretty sight.

More to come, I just wanted you all to know I was still alive and kicking.  More recap and photo’s to follow-

Volunteer Park Crit

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I have never finished this course.  First time I ever raced here I got spooked after a bad crash, got dropped and then pulled.  The next couple attempts were fitness problems and I just got blown out the back (granted I was REALLY sick last years race) and for a 1 minute period yesterday I thought it was going to happen again.

The first 10 minutes were pretty fast.  I have to say I was completely red lined but looking at a lot of the guys around me, we were all in the same boat.  30 minutes in and I was getting comfortable but had a hard time holding position.  I’d find myself at the front going up the hill only to get shut down and slammed to the back around the water tower.  

Midway through I tried to move up on the right side of the hill and tagged the curb, dropped my chain and shot right to the back.  A spectator gave me a great push and I was able to get the chain back on but not in the big ring.  I hit the support and Phil said he would put me back in the pack but a lap down.  At the time what he said didn’t register with my brain and I was stoked that my race wasn’t over. 

I finished mid pack but because of my “non mechanical pit” I was put last which doesn’t bother me too much.  I wasn’t anywhere close to placing just happy to get this race done :-)

Great team showing with Aaron, Brad, Tony, Alex, Ryan and Darren. 

Race – Volunteer Park Crit, .8 mile course 1 hill 2 tight turns – 60 minutes

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 SSC SL Wheels

Breakfast – 2 eggs, pasta, cottage cheese and a bagel

Lunch – Peanut butter sandwich, snickers bar and Heed

Race food – Nothing.  I didn’t even take a drink of my water bottle.  Sheesh!

Max HR – 204

Avg HR – 145

I’m spending Easter trying to get my BMC working.  I might have to break the epoxy and swap the cranks out.


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That was one bad ass race.

Thursday Nights at Seward Park

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Hit up Seward Park 6pm with a handful of the Racing Team.  It worked out pretty well with the Aaron and Dean rolled off the front to bridge with the early break of the night, I just sat up front and kept the riff-raff at bay.  Break stayed away and Aaron ended up with 6th place.  Thanks to Jeff Lynch for the picture!

Tuesday Night Lights… My Return to PR

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I haven’t raced Pacific Raceways in about a year and a half. The drive, the cost, the wedding race restriction… all factors led to me staying put in the Seattle area staring at my bike on Tuesday nights. Well, last night I hitched a ride in the Martin Mobile and jumped into the 1/2/3 race with Brad, Dustin and Aaron.

I anchored the back of the pack and chatted it up with a few guys I haven’t seen in a while, talked about the new team and basically watched what was happening from afar. That got boring though so I moved up to Pat G and sat on his wheel for a while. Chased Hone down after the first prime but I don’t hink he was giving 100%, seemed tired from the stage race last weekend. When we got caught he and I floated back a bit and I asked him how Ongers was doing. Sounds like he needs some recovery time but he’ll be back up in the mix soon. What a scary thing to go down. Back injuries scare the hell out of me.

By the second prime I was finally feeling the Wheaties and pounced on the group leading through the turn. I couldn’t come around the Lenovo guy at 100m though and missed the point by a few wheels. We had a bit of a cluster going into the bell lap at the exact same time the 4/5’s were finishing but no one ate pavement luckily. We stalled on the drag strip and I could see Dustin and Brad, then Aaron and they looked in great position so I jumped up to string it out a bit into the turn. Aaron took a dig and we both pulled off before the straight and I think Dustin got 8th with Brad close behind, not sure since I was sitting up in the back with Aaron.

Lesson from the night was I started it too early. Should have waited until the turn but then who knows someone would have jumped us and we wouldn’t have put anybody up there. It’s just a fun night. It’s nice to be back

Bike – Flyte SRS2 (the BMC is broken… Boooo!) 50-34 x 11/23 Easton EC90 wheels
Ride Food – bottle of water
Speed- Dunno… my magnet came off on the warm up. Any one get the max and average?

Seward Park this Thursday and Volunteer Crit/ Brad Lewis Crit this weekend. Good Times!

Weekend Race Wrap-Up

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Saturday I woke up to a birthday party induced hangover.  Was it the Belgian Lager, the Tequila or the Scotch?  Had to be the Tequila.  Bagged out racing at IVRR as the weather was absolute crap and I had no intention of driving all the way down there just to end up hypothermic.  I ended up meeting Dustin at Leschi and spinning around Mercer Island in 38 degrees and pouring rain instead.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the house, working on the bikes and hydrating/ fueling up for the Sunday race.

Sunday – PoC RR in Woodland, WA.  Although it is in Washington this race is through OBRA and I think they have it dialed.  Organization, volunteers, quick results posted, great site… No slam on WSBA at all because I think they are really trying to improve what we are but OBRA is the bee’s knee’s.

Race – 50 miles. Absolutely pancake flat (80’ of total gain!) and WINDY
Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-21 Easton EC90 wheels
Breakfast – Turkey sandwich, Rice, banana and HEED
Ride Food – 1 small bottle of Endurance mix, 1 small bottle of water

Weight – 163
Max HR – 206 (Ha!)
Avg HR – 135
Min HR – 91
Rest  HR – 43

Riders-  Cat 3 Tony B, Jeff D, Brian S
              Cat 2 Dustin V
A complete opposite from what our teammates had at IVRR, we had sunshine and 55 degrees of beautifulness.  It was a tad windy at the start and turned to blustery through our first lap and continued to get worse all race.  The first (of three) I hung close to the back of the pack keeping every bit of me I could out of the wind. Jeff sat about mid pack and Tony up front maybe 10 to 15 wheels back.  We seemed to gravitate towards each other through the first 10 miles, said our hellos and then got separated again.  The wind was a considerable factor, folks would make a move on the cross wind before the bump up to the long tailwind section where we felt like we were absolutely flying.  The gradual left turn would put us face into the wind and we would slow to a crawl a few folks would try to jump off but it was never going to work.  Second lap saw Tony pushing the pace with a few pops off the front joined by a few strong riders. An attack here, a chase there but nothing was sticking.  I moved to the front to take Tony’s spot as he was the sprinter for the day, if he can’t get away we better make sure he’s fresh and it’s strung out for the trip to the line. I popped up to the front and stayed 3rd to 5th wheel for the remainder of the race and buried myself on the final 5k.  It was head down, screaming legs and a place that I have never been in before.  I think I made a small break through on the pain scale and am pretty damn proud of myself. At 3K Jeff screams that he’s behind me and we are both yelling for Tony.  A voice from next to Jeff says “I’m right here, man” but it’s the wrong Tony :-).  For a second I think that all of this work is for nothing until 3 riders blow past on our left and T-dog is riding the back of them. We hit the turn at 800 meters and the wheel Tony’s following overcooks into the gravel, luckily he stays up and continues the crank to the line.  Jeff passes me and I’m done.  I sit up at 200 and finish with the pack coming around me.  I had nothing left at all for a sprint and I was happy to help Tony get a place. 

65 Cat 3 riders started the day-
Tony – 7th
Jeff – 23rd
Brian – 44th

40 Cat 1/2 riders
Dustin – 10th

Race Report, Sunday – Sequim TdD #2

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Well, it took long enough but my first race of 2009 is officially done.  I was feeling pretty rotten Saturday and into Sunday morning.  I have a chest cold – mucusy thing going on that I can’t shake.  I honestly gave myself a chance of finishing 4 laps but I made it to the finish with gas to spare.  Heck, I wish they had kept it at 72 miles instead of the 60 we were dropped to.  I ended up feeling great.


Bike – BMC SL01  51/35 x 11/23 Easton EC90 wheels

Breakfast – Turkey sandwich, cottage cheese and a Malto/ Endurance drink mix

Ride food – two small bottles of HEED, one gu shot and 2 shot blocks

Average speed 24.3

Max speed 39.4

Max HR 187

Average HR 137

Weight 164


It was an early morning.  I was up at 5:30 to go pick up Tony and catch the 7:10 ferry.  The weather was perfect for me, no rain and a slight chill.  The wind hadn’t really starting blowing yet and would hold off until about our second lap.  My chest and legs felt seriously heavy for the first 24 miles.  I hung at the back while my teammates played at the front.  Brad and Alex were taking early jumps to see if anyone would bite.  I made my way up and actually tried a jump myself but was quickly reeled back in.  Aaron Shaw made a great move to bridge up to Matt Osetto and it seemed to stick.  I think the largest was 1:05 on the pack and I really thought they had a chance to pull it off.  Wines came to the front and their first couple of attempts to get organized and chase weren’t working but when they got into the groove and the pace picked up, Chauvin and I started to bring our teams up to spoil the chase.  Carter REALLY helped us police the front end but when Recycled came up to help the chase it was over.  Big props to the Recycled crew.  Those guys raced super well together and as I said over on Alex’s blog, if they hadn’t have come up it would have been Shaw and Osetto sprinting it out for 1st and 2nd.


In the heat of competition, words and emotions can get out of hand.  Remember the old saying “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?” well, disrupting a chase (which is perfectly fine by the way) by jumping into the paceline is not “blocking”. Sure, it pisses you off and it’s hard to get yourself reorganized.  Get angry, yell, scream call us bad names.  It’s ok!  It’s part of the race.  We all want to win.  But when the threats start to get physical and you start throwing elbows or try to manhandle your competitor off the road you have just turned into a d-bag.  Don’t do it.  If you want to go that direction join another sport.


Anyway the break got caught and Wines sprinted for a good win with Bicycle Center hitting second.


Darren jumped like mad and grabbed 4th only to be told he was DQ’d for centerline rules (damn you!)  Brad 6th,  Tony 9th, Aaron 12th myself 25th Alex 26th and Jake DNF’d with a mechanical (called 4 year old tires… c’mon man!)


I really had fun.  It was a good first race (sick or not) for the year.  Next will be Independence Valley this weekend.


Have a fantastic Monday and stay beautiful!

Put your hands up.

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TP in the house.




Lake Washington Velo #3, Carnation Circuit Race

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Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (q-rings) x 11-21  Ksyrium SL wheels

Course – Carnation Circuit.  I forget how many laps and I forgot to start my computer.  Duuur :-).  Almost dead flat, awful farm roads (which actually made the race exciting) and some sketchy riders.

Ride food – 2 bottles of water, bag of shot blocks (thanks Brad!)

Breakfast – 1 large bottle of exceed, bagel cream cheese and turkey


For those of you who read regularly, you know I’m out of shape.  WAY out of shape.  I ended last season at 140 pounds and weighed in last night at 169.5.  My goal lately has just been to FINISH a race since I took those two months off and really I haven’t had much luck.

From the second we started racing I felt the best I ever have.  It took every ounce of mental energy NOT to try for the sprint points halfway through.  I stayed pretty much at the front the whole time but on the last lap got caught up with a few folks in turn 3, almost put in the ditch with Ed Ewing but was able to move up at 1k.  Turn 4 came and went and I was still in the race but decided not to sprint.  Who sprints for last?  Looked behind me and saw 20-25 riders and new I was back.

Best part?  I could have gone harder. DAMN! All of the team (especially the new TPR team!) did very well.  I have probably the best teammates around.  Supportive, successful and great friends.  Great work today guys!

Best race of the year. Too bad it was the last of the season :-)

Portland Healthnet Crit Video and Crash Recap

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Some of you have emailed me asking how Dustin is. For those who don’t know and are living under a rock, D-man broke a couple fingers in a tumble last weekend down in the Portland crit.

Did I say tumble? Really he’s lucky nothing else broke according to this video…

You can see Greg get a little roughed up too and Tony zooms on through.

Anyway, Dustin had surgery and is now wearing a mitten in 90 degree weather.

Dustin, I owe you a shot of water with a lemon.


Kirkland Criterium

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Great race, just wished I had been in better shape for it :-)

I had 2 close calls… one of them is here-

Thanks to Bill Cooper from Second Ascent for the video.

The other happend on the same corner and a Wines guy went down RIGHT in front of me. Luckily I was able to ride over the top of him (sorry!) and ended up in the bar’s eating area on the side walk.

Great crowd, perfect course and big props to my teammates for laying the smack down. Always in the action always pushing the pace and making everyone hurt Greg walked away with second third place and we put 2 or 3 more in the top 10. Brad hit the pavement (with his GOOD wheels!)with a lap to go in perfect position, feel pretty bad for him. Hell win LWV3 though, that’s all I’m sayin’

Great job to the suppoprting shop Ubrdo. Those guys were fantastic!

Catastrophic Failure. Lake Washington Velo #2 / Gig Harbor

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Saturday we packed up Dustin’s and my car and rolled to Gig Harbor fore the LWV #2/ Gig Harbor Circuit Race.  Greg was planning to go back to back with the masters A/B and then the Cat 3 race.  Well, turns out he WON the Masters A/B race so the pressure was on to put him at the line in the 3’s.

One thing I have learned over the course of this year is that there are a lot of strong threes.  Speeds are up overall, more folks are coming out and throwing down some serious power.  At the same time though it seems that (1) there are a lot of whiny bitches racing now as well as (2) people just can’t handle their damn bike.

Listen, people are going to bump into you, it’s a fact of life.  Teams are going to block and not drag the pack up to their guy in the break.  DON’T sit there and shout, go around and make the race. There is a lot of bitching out there and it really needs to stop.  You just look like a fool.


My race ended on the second lap while Brad and I were at the front hoping Greg  would get a little more distance on the pack.  As folks tried to come around us, I put a serious push to stay in the front 10 and then SNAP…  My chain flew off my bike and I racked my “man package” on the top tube as well as popping my hip a good one.  Man it hurt but I was able to keep everything upright. It was now a long walk back to the car.

So Greg caught the right break and ended up getting third and Brad, Dustin and Aaron all placed within the top 15.  Great finish for all except me of course.  Par for the season I guess.

Teamwork, When it’s Needed the Most.

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Italian and former Giro winner Damiano Cunego went down hard 23k into the rolling 18th stage of the Tour de France and pulled a superman on chip-seal. 


 Although Cunego hasn’t had the tour a lot of people had predicted (including me, I put him on the podium) I can’t help but admire him as he pushed on through what must have been a butt-load of pain. 

“It’s a miracle I finished this stage,” said the Lampre rider, who came over the finish line with blood dripping from a wound under his chin and injuries to his chest and thorax.

Mad props to his teammates for sticking with him and helping him finish-

More of the story over at VeloNews.

Pictures from Graham Watson.

This is How It Feels…

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We like the pain.

Now.  Go Ride.

Seward Park Thursday Night Crit 6-26-08

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Home – Seward race – home  48 miles

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-21 ksyrium SL wheels

Ride Food – 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle of exceed, 1 bag of shot blocks

Today was a lot of fun and I felt pretty good, good enough even to go for the last prime but got dusted within the last 10 meters. My lungs are coming back and so are the legs so I think I’m ready for Sunday at the Des Moines Crit.  I was cramping up a bit on the way home but I think it was lack of food/ water.  I should have brought a large bottle with me.


Weekend Wrap Up.

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Friday Night – Rosanna and I headed over to watch Friday night racing at the velodrome. Where else better to watch than the beer garden? We brought a little dinner and the lawn chairs and enjoyed a few hours of racing. I loaded pictures into the Jet City Velo Flickr linked on the side.

Saturday – Ro and I went out for a nice and easy spin on what turned out to be a pretty nice day. it was overcast but warm as we headed out east to Kirkland, stopping there for a few drinks downtown and then turned around. I felt good being back on the bike after being sick. Everytime I pushed myself though my coughing fits came on but I’m sure that was good though because I really need to get this crap out of my lungs. Nice 30 miles, did a few sprints and opened up the legs for my upcoming race on Sunday. When we got home we headed out for Lunch and ice cream at Husky Deli down the road from our house in West Seattle. I had an amazing Grilled chicken Ceaser Pita. On our way back we stopped off at the nursery and looked at the plants as we plan on changing the blah landscaping of our front and back yard. Dinner was at Chandlers Crab House on Lake Union with Evan and Tara. Fantastic time and great food capped off with a surprise visit by Two Buck Chuck (who played at our wedding) and they sang our first dance song for us “Crimson and Clover” It was awesome.

Sunday – Race day. 6 of us drove down to Boston Harbor in Olympia for the State Championship Circuit Race, Greg, Dustin, Tony, Brad, Jeff and myself. I had a great race here last year, Tony Brad and I pretty much owned it so I was looking forward to having a lot more teammates. Unfortunately my lungs just couldn’t take it. after two laps of us shooting off the front and attacking every chance we could get I was overwhelmed by my chest build up and couldnt breathe well. I started feeling dizzy and went from 3 wheel to mid pack to the back at the hill leading to the 1k sign. We had a guy in every break, and it worked netting us a 3rd place from Jeff Dunn in the three man break away with Dustin sprinting in for fourth, Brad 9th and Tony 10th. Fantastic day of racing even though I had to pull out. I knew I wouldn’t feel 100% but I am so happy we did so well as a team.

Seward Park 6-12-08 and a Little Softball!

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Tonight was my first race since Longbranch and my first crit in a month and a half. Boy I felt it.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 q-rings x 11-21 Ksyrium SSC SL wheels

Ride food – bottle of Exceed and 2 shot blocks

Seward Park – 25 laps

The first 10 laps were perfect, I was comfortable, up front and right on Dan H who I wanted to shadow as long as I could because I knew I wasn’t in shape I just wanted to see how long I could stay at the front of the pack. The first Prime hurt and then Dave did back to back to back primes. I was starting to hurt and not in the good way. My hamstrings started balling up and I felt my lower back start giving out and I knew I didn’t have much left. With 6 to go I pulled out and stretched my back and leg and jumped back in with 3 to go. I really wish I could have gone the whole race but it wasn’t good pain, I couldn’t have ridden through it. It was super to see all of the Byrne kits in the field!

After I got home Rosanna and I went to the batting cage and hit a few rounds and then played catch until the sun went down. It was nice to actually go outside! The weather lately has really sucked and I was getting a little stir crazy, this was what we both needed. I also found out that Rosanna and I still have our swings. I actually had a few flashbacks from when I was a kid. Dad and I out in the backyard tossing the ball, Me hitting grounders to Rosanna… it felt just awesome.

Thanks babe, I had a great time. :-)

Pain, Revisited – Capitol Crit.

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In two weeks we will all make the drive down to our State Capitol, Olympia for one of (in my mind) THE toughest crit courses we do all year.  Lots of corners, varying grade, narrow back streets and usually a lot of bodies.  It’s fast, excitinf, brutal and pretty dangerous if it rains.

Last years weather was fantastic and I was feeeling super strong.  Tony B and I started well, stayed at the front and on the first Prime lap I was hoping to tow T-man to the line but took the VERY inside line on the last turn and nailed not just my pedal but the entire crank on the ground, lifting me up and flipping the bike 180 degrees.  I took out a guy from wines and Recycled and just missed getting run over.

So starts the pain fest.

I spent the ENTIRE race trying to get back on.I caught a group that fell off the back, worked with them for a lap or so and they would dissapear behind me.  I think the closest I got was about 50 meters until they were primed again and then I just couldnt make it up to them.

I know EXACTLY when this picture was taken and the feeling in my stomach that I wasn’t goin to make was growing.  up until this point I really thought I could do it.

Two things I took home with me on that day.

  • Always, always, always take a lap.  you go down, you get a lap.
  • When the body says no and the mind says yes, listen to the mind.