Long Recovery Ride 1/17/2010

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I left this morning knowing I wasn’t going to do the “Sketti, oh my god I can’t feel my legs anymore” ride.  He put out a plan that after yesterdays jaunt, would have done me in… especially if I rode from West Seattle!  The TEAM ride was headed Snohomish and Monroe with some 20 second sprint work switched in and out with tempo and intervals.  Jesus… Coach Lang Reynolds is putting the screws into Sketti!

I, however, decided to head to Ladro, say hi with whoever was there and than ride the northend of the lake and home.  Sile and a few of the TPR women showed up, then Dustin and Lyle.  We jetted out and headed north.  At logboom I turned south towards Juanita and thankfully Lyle joined me.  We haven’t had a chance to chat in depth since he joined the team so it was nice just to shoot the shit and get a bit deeper than just riding the bike.  We even got a chance to stop in Bellevue for a coffee and a pastry which I won’t lie, I needed.  Lyle headed home at Montlake and I  shot through fremont ant the waterfront back to West Seattle

It was a good tempo ride, averaged 200 watts and felt very comfortable.

Ride – 61 miles, route below

Bike – Windsor Rain 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – Bagel w/ turkey and cream cheese, hard boiled egg and water

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water, cookie and coffee

avg watts – 200

weight 169

Team Ride, Saturday 1/16/10

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Wow, what a big group!  Finally!

We meandered down south Lake Washington and hit the pit stop at Coulon Park where we broke into three intensity groups.  I hopped on to the first group just to see how long I would last and it wasn’t very long at all.  WTF was I thinking?  Halfway up McDonald hill I popped something fierce and knowing I still had to make it home in one piece I sat up and watched the group go. I snapped it into my 46-25 and just spun my way up to the top.  Jeff D had turned around to pick up the stragglers and we met up with half of group one on May Valley when we put it on cruise control.  I had just gotten to the front and locked in a good tempo when I heard “FLAT!”  Poor Jeff flatted his front, probably due to the insane amount of glass on Coal Creek… it was pretty bad.  I looked at my watch and did a little calculation in my head and I knew I needed to turn around now as Annabelle had a vet follow up for her leg.  So when I knew JD had the flat under control, I waved adios to them and reversed course.

I kept it on Coal Creek all the way back to Factoria and mostly held above 300 watts.  Felt like I had found a good zone and something I could keep for a good chunk of distance.  There’s a pretty good descent on Coal Creek that I lost my wattage but ended up passing a couple cars to keep up the spirit. I shot around Mercer Island and then did another half of it before cruising back into Leschi.

Good ride.  A lot of teammates out.  49 miles map below.

Bike -Windsor Rain 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – 2 hard boiled eggs, PB toast, cheese and water

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water

Average watts 230

weight – 169

Another team ride tomorrow is heading up to Monroe… I think I’ll start with the team but split off in Kenmore to ride around the lake.

Recovery ride 1/4/10

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Woke up this morning to a torrential down pour.  Well… Not really,  it was just kind of raining and a little windy.  Some peanut butter toast and a few cups of coffee later I was shoving off to do a loop of Mercer Island.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than riding across the I-90 bridge in the rain.  With traffic flying past at 60+ mph, the spray stings your face and permeates the best wet weather clothing.  By the time I got to East Mercer I was soaked to the bone but luckily not frozen.  I have found a new way to keep the hands and feet warm and somewhat dry in this weather and it involves wool socks/ plastic baggies/ shoes and neoprene booties and glove liners, latex gloves and neoprene over gloves.  I did look like that little kid from a Christmas Story though when I left the house.

Worst part of the ride was getting stuck at the lower drawbridge coming home.  I started shivering as it closed and damned the port for opening it even though there was NO shipping traffic!  WTF?  I guess they were just screwing with me.

I took a right on beach and rode up California and followed it all the way home.

I was a bit stiff and sore from yesterday.  I took it super easy except up California (I was trying to warm up) and even though you would think otherwise, I had a great solo 40 miles in the rain.  Sometimes it just happens.

Ride – 40 miles, route below

Bike – Windsor rain – 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – PB toast, string cheese coffee and water

Ride food – two small bottles nuun/ Cliff, bag of shot blocks

weight 172


Team Ride 1/3/10 Super bonk 98 miler

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It was good day/ bad day for me.   Started out feeling great but by the time we got out to Snohomish I was skipping turns.  Always a bad sign when you are only halfway through the ride.

We had a d-bag of a driver run up on us and slam on his brakes that just absolutely scared the crap out of me so I backed off and sat behind the pack.  I was shaking pretty bad and all I could think of was what happened the LAST time I got drilled by a car (and now I’m riding without health insurance)  It took me a few minutes to get myself under control to join the pack but it was game over.  My mind was elsewhere.  when we hit the rise at the end of Lowell, I exploded and knew it was going to be a long ride home.  My riding partners though just picked up the pace and we were drilling River Road (who doesnt?)  I sat at the back and wheel hopped but jumped in 3 times until I knew I was just hurting the cause so I just sat on and road the pack in.

The return trip was hell.  the second we hit Broadway I was off the back.  Luckily Neil was there too so we just traded pulls into Maltby where I started to feel better.  We ran into Jeff where the trail connects and Neil went east and Jeff and I road the trail until he pulled off at 40th then Cross-eyed Brian bonked HARD at Fremont.  I stopped at a 7-11 and got a snickers bar and a coke, my face was numb and I had a hard time pedaling.  By the time I got home I was shaking, full on body shivers and devoured the first food I saw.  French bread dipped in PB, a glass of water and a glass of whole milk.  Shower, warm clothes and a HUGE plate of sketti and meatballs followed as well as a can of Keystone Light (hell yeah!)  then it was legs up on the couch for 2 hours.

All I can say is “Holy crap”

Ride Route below

Bike – Windsor Rain 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – water, PB&J, string cheese and coffee

Ride Food – Large bottle of nuun, small bottle of Clff, 2 bags of shot blocks, snickers and a coke

weight – 173

10 ride

Team Ride – 1/2/10

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As much as I wanted to catch the ride Friday the 1st, my liver was still in quiver mode when I woke up and the weather was absolute crap.  So, today was my first day out on the wheels and boy did I feel it.

Considering I have been off for so long, I really wanted to concentrate on form and breathing.  being dropped was ok if it came down to it but thankfully those who met up at Leschi all had the same pace in mind.  A few wishes of a new year, a cup of coffee and off we went across the bridge heading east.  We stayed on Coal Creek instead of the normal Newport route and hit Cougar from the other side which is a route I prefer.   Cougar went better than I expected.  I concentrated on staying glued to Brad’s wheel who just had a perfect pace.  Loved getting to the top and have the tail wind push you to that right hand turn.  I bagged the extra portion as I didn’t want to overdo the first day.  The descent was fine and the road surface was better than I expected and at the bottom I let the rest of the group head off to Eastlake while Neil joined me for the ride back.  He split off after the bridge and I dropped it down to super easy for the cruise back to West Seattle.

Verdict is in, I felt good.  A lot better on the climbs then I thought I was going to.  Still, though, I have a LONG way to go both in fitness and weight.  This month I will concentrate on distance, tempo and form with 2 x 20 efforts once a week moving to Ladder intervals in February.

Route below-

10 ride

And so it begins!

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Congrats to me!

I did something that I never thought I would have done.  I basically took an entire month off of training.  Yes, it’s true.  One ENTIRE month.

Sure, I went for a cruise once or twice and even sat on my trainer to spin my legs for 20 minutes while I watched Entourage.  We know this doesn’t do much of anything for you though.

It’s been a bit hard, though.  Checking out Ryan D or Martin C’s training blogs and they are balls to the wall now.  Martin’s spent more time running earlier but he’s been hitting the weekends pretty well now.  Don’t even think about looking at Alex’s site.  He never rests.  I just had other crap I had to take care of, really.  That and I was doing 2 a day workouts in November and I think it was killing me.  One extreme to the next, that’s how I roll.

So here comes January.  My training plan is ready to go with some “A” races marked up.  I’m putting a bit more focus on my performance in Crits and Cross for 2010 although I want to be rubbing elbows with the front group in Walla Walla.  My performance last year was crap and have thought about it all year.

Time to hit the road.

2010.  Welcome to it.

Break Time.

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Not so much training lately.  I’m giving the system time to digest the miles from weeks past.  The cold weather  (and now soggy) has settled in and it’s time to start thinking of Rosanna’s and my Snowshoe race coming up.  need to focus on running stairs and sprints as well as making sure all of our equipment is in top form.  I’m excited for it as Rosanna and I have never done competitive events together on a team.  I think we’ll knock it right off the mountain.

Spent a few hours volunteering at the National MS society today.  Put 125 binders together for Advocacy Day and didnt get a single paper cut.  It’s been a good day.

Off to spin on the trainer for an hour and watch some episodes of Entourage.

Stay Beautiful!

Training Ride 12-2-09

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I jumped on the bike and rode over to Fremont to drop off a cup of coffee to the wife.  It basically turned into 30 miles of endurance with a 10 mile effort at full power on my Marine View Drive loop.  If I had any food in my stomach I would have lost it on the final incline.  I started to get a bit of tunnel vision which I am accounting for lack of food.

Ride – 45 miles 30/ endurance 10/ power 5/ recovery

Bike – Windsor Rain Bike 46-34 x 12-25

Breakfast – hard boiled egg and a bagel

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water, 2 cliff gells

Weight – 165

Picture 5

It’s a bitch to sustain power on the steep downhill on Marine view drive while at the same time a little dangerous to tuck and increase speed because a few of the hidden driveways.  I’m comfortable at 30-35 but will start to squeeze the brakes after that.  It’s run and gun for the next two miles from false flat to super steep so it’s a huge power shift from zero to 350 to 600/700.

Training Ride 12-1-09

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I have a 10 mile loop here in West Seattle that give me a quick variety of terrain that I shoot around if I don’t have the time to head out towards the Lake or Cougar.  It’s close to home, coffee, a bike shop and food just in case I get into any trouble.  A big plus is most of the community is pretty bike friendly so I dont really have too many problems with the haters.

The challenge doing this ride on my fixie is going down Marine View Drive.  It’s pretty damn steep.  I’ve gone up it once fixed (my normal direction) but learned real quick that it was just too much

Ride – 35 miles 1650 feet of gain 3 loops

Bike – Schwinn Tempo Fixed gear 42 x 16

Breakfast – coffee and a hard boiled egg

Ride food – 2 small bottles of water and a bag of shot blocks

Weight – 165

Really felt the last loop going up California.  It’s a tough hill, pretty close to incline and length of Longbranch. I usually try to sprint this hill on my road bike but it’s a fight to stay upright on the 42 x 16

Would have loved to see a powerfile for this one.

Ride 12-1-09

Sunday Team Ride 11-29-09

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It was a heck of a lot colder when I left compared to when I met the team in Fremont.  I was peeling off sweaty layer after layer when I got there, stress testing the pockets on my jersey.  We ended up with a good size group, especially when we met up with a bunch waiting at Logboom.  Turns out a bunch of folks were riding out to Monroe to catch the Cyclocross race.  It should have been pretty good hardpack for the earlier races but due to the recent rain and then soaking mist the MAsters and 1/2 group I’m sure had to make some tread changes.

It was a good ride, great pace.  I split off and rode solo choosing not to ride all the way into Snohomish.  I was feeling a little bonky and didn’t want to hold the rest of the crew back.  On Broadway heading south I passed an older gentleman on a trike.  no lights, barely a flag and traveling SO slow.  I’m sure he was having fun but that road is WAY to dangerous to be that inconspicuous.

Ride – 90 miles / 2600′ climbing

Bike – Windsor Rain Bike 46-34 x 12-25 (I ran out of gears way too much) Ksyrium front and Neuvation PT rear

Breakfast – Cliffbar, Hardboiled egg and coffee

Ride Food – 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle of nuun, Cliff Shot, Cliff Bar

I forgot my computer so no Power Data/ HR info.  It was calm though.  Nothing too tough.


Ride 11-29-2009

Trainer Days or “Whoops forgot to wash my gear”

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Exactly how it sounds.

I forgot to wash my cold weather riding gear after a ride the other day so all I had were my standard bib shorts.  This restricted me to a 1-1/2 hour ride inside my warm house, watching a movie.  “War Games” to be exact.  Yes Joshua, I would like to play again.

Ride – 1-1/2 hours on the fluid trainer. One 15 minute z3 effort.

Bike – Windsor Rain Bike, 46-34x 11-25 Neuvation Wheels.

Breakfast – Coffee

Lunch – PB&J sandwich, water and a Cliff Bar.

Now it’s off to do yardwork.

Tuesday Ride – Wind!

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We had a small storm here last night and the plan was for a few of us to meet at UW and do some tempo hills in the morning… well that was shot down.  It was an absolute mess when I woke up so I changed the plan a bit.

Tossed the rig on to the car and drove Ro to work so I started my ride in Fremont.  This of course is a fantastic place to start a ride because of the folks at Caffe Ladro and the fine coffee they serve.  After the tanks were full I tossed on the helmet and headed north.  I wanted to 3+ hours in and some hills and I was thankful the weather cleared up a bit for me.

Ride – 62 miles, north end with a small trip east 3200′ climbing

Bike –  Windsor Cross Neuvation Wheels 46-34 x 11-25

Breakfast – Coffee

Ride Food – 2 bottles of water 1 bottle of nuun, cliff bar and a bag of shot blocks

Weight – 165


11-17-09 ride

I was concerned that Juanita hill would be pretty trashed after the storm but really it was in ok shape.  There was on SDOT truck and work crew halfway up cleaning up a downed tree but it was clear other then that.  Holmes Point Road on the other hand was ugly.  This is one of my favorite descents in the area and I was restricted to riding the brakes all the way down while I was dodging tree branches, a trunk, Alan Alda and a VW Beetle.  Crazy times.  The plan was to Hit Montreux for the last climb but I was running short on time so I kept it to Lakemont and then headed back to West Seattle

I need to get rid of my cross chainring combination.  I’ll need to get a new chain and a 50 tooth.

I might spin on the trainer tonight with Ro for about an hour.  Tomorrow is a rest day and Thursday I’ll try a 3 hour at 250.

Stay Beautiful!

Indoor Training. Blah.

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I hate it.  That damn thing sits in the corner and taunts me.  It makes fun of my noticeable off season gut starting to form from the lack of racing and the lack of willpower (I like beer, what can I say). Stupid Fluid Trainer.

I am riding now.  Promise.

Ride – Indoor 1 hour

Bike – Windsor Cross Neuvation wheels 46-34 x 11-25

Lunch – Spaghetti with 2 meatballs a glass of water and a bottle of nuun

Ride food – none.

Exciting, eh? I had Pandora rocking me the entire time though so I wasn’t about to fall asleep mid work out.  I guess I could have thrown some interval work in but I just wanted to spin the legs out a bit as I plan a longer ride tomorrow with 2 or 3 20 minute efforts.


Food for Thought…

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From Pez Cycling-

Into the Big Ring
Here are four tools you can use to climb up and over the next frontiers in your riding:

1. Take the sting out of your negative thoughts. Be wary of any “certainties” – “I’m going to get dropped,” “I’ll finish DFL,” “My teammates will be angry with me” – and challenge them. Notice any feared (but realistic) possibilities – “I’m not sure I can do it,” “I might get dropped,” “I might not finish at all,” – and plan for how you’ll handle those feared outcomes; you may then not fear them as much. Check out the articles on Effective Self-Talk and Handling Pressure for more ideas here.

Negative thoughts feel powerful, especially the “certainties,” but it’s a superficial power, not a deep power. Superficial power can look like an effective way to combat your anxiety. It’s not.

2. Find additional ways to manage and reduce your anxiety. The less fear and anxiety you feel, the more likely you are to go for it in your riding. Effective self-talk will help a great deal, and may be all you need. However, you may benefit from understanding your anxiety – on and off the bike – more clearly, using breathing techniques, and better integrating your body and mind.

3. See and be seen. Reflect on everything in this article. If there’s a part of you that’s been hidden and yet running the show at times, seeing it will help you. Check out the article on self-awareness for more ideas here.

Having others you trust see these parts of you may help as well. Physician Rachel Naomi Remen, in her wonderful book, “Kitchen Table Wisdom,” tells the story of attending a day-long master class with the great psychologist Carl Rogers. He said to the group, about his counseling practice,

“Before every session I take a moment to remember my humanity. There is no experience that this man has that I cannot share with him, no fear that I cannot understand, no suffering that I cannot care about, because I too am human. No matter how deep his wound, he does not need to be ashamed in front of me. I too am vulnerable. And because of this, I am enough. Whatever his story, he no longer needs to be alone with it.”

After watching Rogers conduct a session, Remen was stunned. She remembers:

“I had always worked hard at being good enough; it was the golden standard by which I decided what to read, what to wear, how to spend time, where to live, and even what to say. Even ‘good enough’ was not really good enough for me. I had spent a lifetime trying to make myself perfect. But if what Rogers was saying was true, perfection was the booby prize. What was needed was simply to be human. I was human. All my life I had feared being found out.”

4. Trust the power of experience. As I noted in The Power of Cyclotherapy, experiences on the bike offer you opportunities not only for fun and success but also growth and transformation. Yes, you could be right at times: Feared outcomes will make you feel every bit as bad as you fear you will feel. But not only will you survive those experiences, you may need them for your freedom: you may need them in order to reduce and eliminate the hold your anxiety and injuries have on you. There very well may be no way out but through.


The full article can be read over at Pez.  It’s very good… Something I know I need to pay more attention to.

Mercer Island World Championships

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Not really but it sounds cool.  Every Tuesday a small band of local racers gather at the west side of Mercer and blast the horshoe on Mercer Island.  Basically a race to the Tennis Courts on the east side where you then regroup, high five like a bunch of white guys, talk shit and refuel before racing back to the bridge.

I haven’t had the chance to join in this season at all yet but I jumped into a bunch last year.  It’s a no joke ride…  No teams just you against everyone else.  Attack-chase-counter, attack-chase-counter and on and on and SPRINT.

I was completely out classed (and still hurting from Sunday).  Right from the start Alex R from Garage jumped off the front and stupid me decides to lead the chase.  When I caught him I checked the back and noticed we had a decent gap.  Alex waved me through and I just couldn’t do it.  I was still trying un cross my eyes from the catch.   Second Ascent blew past us on the left and then the rest of the pack followed.  It was like that for the next few miles and I was struggling to hang on.  The body just didn’t want to go.  So before we got to the down hill I turned around hoping they would catch me on the way back.

Lesson?  when you KNOW you are tired and the pack is head and shoulders above you in fitness level – grab a wheel.  No need to get up there at the beginning and throw down with folks who will look at you, smile, tear your legs off and then spank the hell out of you.

Easy buddy… easy.


Ride – 42 miles

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-21 Q rings Neuvation Wheels

Food – shot blocks and water


Side note – I think I’m going back to round rings.  I hade to ride a different crankset the last couple of days and after riding the Q’s yesterday, I either need to reposition them or just throw the round ones back on.  Just feels different for some reason.  I might have them positioned backwards.

Monday Afternoon Spin

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Legs were feeling mighty tired as I headed out the door Monday afternoon.  I just kept it in the small ring and cruised over to Leschi to see if any IJM teammates were going to show up for a late scheduled ride.  Dustin was already there and I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and chatted a bit before we took off.  I felt a little overdressed as the temperature seemed to be a little warmer and muggier than it was in West Seattle.  Dustin’s “Slow Pace” is also my regular speed so I kept on sliding into his draft or it was a fight to stay with him.  My hips were just so sore from the weekend.

Headed through the tunnel, dropped off Dustin and I headed down Jackson back to West Seattle… again in the small ring :-)

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


Ride – 40 miles

Bike – BMC SL01  53-39 x 11-23 Neuvation wheels

Ride Food – Water, bag of shot blocks


Mercer Island World Championships this afternoon.  I might have to go over and throw down.

The Sky is Falling

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I’m still here (I think).  I have survived the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak as well as the massive storm that pushed through our region last night and tragically blew the lid open on the recycle container (it’s attached with a hinge… I’ll survive). 

Have we become a society of Chicken Littles?


Saturday, Rosanna and I spent the morning with Dustin and Elizabeth on the Montlake Cut, watching the Windermere Cup.  UW schooled them all, sweeping every race.  Although it drizzled for most of the day and we had to leave a tad early to beat the opening of the bridge, it was a ton of fun and we love hanging out with those two.  Her parents are pretty rockin’ as well.

Sunday I was able to hit up a decent solo ride in the sun.  started with arm/knee warmers but by midway I needed to take them off.  It was such a beautiful day.  Lots of families out riding their bikes together, headed out for picnics on Lake Washington.  A very pleasant day.  I put a few hard efforts in but made sure I kept it easy,  just keeping it a fun day.  Rosanna and I had a stay at home date night with blue cheese burgers on the grill,  french fries, wedge salad, margaritas and lazily watching the dogs play down in the grass as we relaxed in our courtyard.  Ro fell asleep next to my crackling fire pit while I finished building the BMC back into a fully functional Death Star… I mean Bicycle.  We made it in before the clouds completely covered the sky and the drizzle fell.

Monday was a day I should have looked at the weather forcast before I road rode my bike into work.  While it was dry and pretty warm on the way in, 4:30 brought a monsoon that didn’t play well with a fenderless bike.  Oh well…  It’s just water.  

It’s just water unless you are a Chicken Little.  Run for the hills everyone, we’re all gonna die.

Wednesday Hill Repeats

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Like I have said previously, if you want short, steep hill repeats, West Seattle is a great place to live!


Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-23

Ride food – water

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Fun times.

Weekend Wrap Up. Bonking and Dog Poop

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Saturday morning met the team at Leschi at 8am for an absolutely beautiful ride out to Snoqualmie Falls, the upper loop and then back home.  For some reason I just never got the legs and the lungs going.  I’ve been fighting this chest crud for what seems like a month now and the pollen count is off the charts so the entire morning was Brian coughing wheezing and basically trying to hold on for the entire 70 mile ride.  The guys turned around and waited for me a few times (even though I told them not to)  and Jeff rode with me for a bit too as he wasn’t in the mood to hammer.  I actually started to feel  good about mile 55 but promptly bonked when we hit mercer Island, creeping back to the car at a blazing 8mph.  There are always days like this, days that the body just doesn’t want to go.  Today was my day.  I just wished it wouldn’t have happened on such a beautiful day and on this ride.  I love this route but it’s brutal if the body doesn’t respond.

Bike BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-21 Ksyrium SSC wheels
Ride – 72 miles Snoqualmie Falls
Breakfast – Pasta, cheese, French bread
Ride Food – 1 large bottle of Endurance, 1 small bottle of HEED, 3 shot blocks

I was out of my mind really after that ride and recovered with a few (read FIVE) Dick’s Cheeseburgers.  I know… not healthy but I had the urge.  Then Hit up pizza with Aaron, Jeff and Dustin.

Sunday was all yard work.  Raked up brush, trimmed the hedge, pulled weeds and scrubbed the brick porch.  Then I went out in the backyard to mow the dog poop. Good times.

Rosanna spent all weekend at the Walk MS event.  Fantastic weather for it too!  I haven’t heard what the official tally is for fundraising but when I do I’ll post it.
Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday Training Ride

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Had a chance to escape a bit early, run home, change and jump on the bike.   I headed down 35th, and through Luna Park where I blew my rear tire.  Quick change and I was up and running again until my front tire felt a little squishy.  ANOTHER flat!  Must have ran through a pile of glass and didn’t notice.  Luckily I had a second tube and another cartridge but I played it safe till I got to Leschi where I ran into a couple Thumbprint guys and Eduardo from Cucina.  I wished them a happy ride and hit the bike shop to grab another tube and CO2.  I shot across Mercer and started my first ride up Newport from Factoria to Eastgate and stayed in the saddle the whole time just working on quick powerful circles.  turned around and headed back down and immediately did my second one this time out of the saddle all the way up.  I pushed the third one as hard as I could and took a bit of time to rest at the top, spinning though one of the neighborhoods which let me witness a repo guy driving away from a VERY angry guy watching his Ford Superduty get pulled away.

Ride – 45 miles

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SSC SL wheels

Ride food –  small bottle of HEED & small bottle of water

Avg HR 124

Max HR 189

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Weekend Training Wrap Up.

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Saturday started fantastic.  ended up at U Village a little early so I sat with a cup of coffee and people watched.  Aaron showed first and we chatted a bit about his new Veloforma until the ret of the crew rode in.  We picked up a few more at Logboom and off we went.  Somewhere on West Lake Samammish, my rear wheel started howling, stopping the group.  IT happened a couple of times and instead of making the guys wait for me I let them ride away, focusing on my own problem and not wanting to ruin their ride.  I was a victim ofa non lubricated freehub which now means I need to keep myself from coasting.  No biggie really so I continued to Squak Mountain.  It was a good ride even if I did half by myself.  Amazed there is still bits of snow on Squak.  Sheesh!

 View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Ride – 90 miles

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-32 x 11-23 Ksyrium SL

Breakfast – water, coffee and a scrambled egg

Ride Food – Small bottle of water, large bottle of PowerBar Endurance and a gu shot

Stats -167 pounds.  Max HR 197, resting 44



Sunday was a later start as the IJM.org Racing team had a photo and vid shoot with King 5 as well as some interviews about FareStart and IJM.org.  Video and story  can be seen here. Yes, that is me sprinting with John N and yes that is Martin’s butt in full effect.  We ended up breaking up into a north and south end ride and split about U district.  My group did the south end/ Mercer loop and started pretty much at race pace.  Dustin drug us all the way down to Renton AND won the sprint.  Jeff went a tad early and I tagged on to Kurt’s wheel as hestarted to fade.  By the time I came around Kurt, Dustin was just too far away to catch before the line.  Dustin is in incredible shape right now.  It’s scary.  On Mercer Island I dropped my camera after I took my pull and had to go back for it.  The group kept on going so it was me playing catch up for the rest of the Island.  Thankfully they waitied for me at the bridge and we ended the ride somewhat together.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


Ride – 50 miles

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-23 Neuvation wheels

Breakfast – coffee

Ride Food – 2 small bottles of water, cliff shot and a gu shot

Stats -167 pounds.  Max HR 195, resting 48


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Slept in again, avoided the hill hammerfest otherwise known as the IJM.org Sunday Team ride and went to work on the tile in the bathroom.  It’s all prepped now just have to lay down the adhesive and toss down the new ceramic.

About noonish I headed out out the door to ride over to the memorial ride for Kevin Black.  There was a huge turnout of cyclists, racers and non.  A great deal of kids which I was really happy about.  I even heard one kid ask his mom if “all of us riding  would bring the bike racer back”.   


Ride – 45 miles 1500′ elev.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-23 ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – bagel w/ creamcheese

Lunch – water

Ride food – water

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


It was an odd day.  I’ve been in a blue funk all day long.

I might need it.


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Slept in and skipped the team ride as John N and I planned an afternoon cruise.  Spent most of the day working down in the shop and cleaning the house (aka… picking up after the dogs)

John popped by about 2 and hit the road.

Ride – 40 miles 1500′ elev. nice and easy couple of hard efforts.

Bike –  Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – Coffee

Lunch – umm…

Ride food – 2 small bottles of water.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

John dropped me like a bad habit on California Ave. My lack of fuel for the day started turn my legs into mush. We stopped by Ladro to sip on some coffee and shoot the breeze before climbing the last few hills back to the house.



Later, John Rosanna and I hit up Endolyne Joe’s  where we dined on fried pickle slices, skillet steak, twice baked taters, beer and a great glass of scotch.  Then it was home to play a 3 way death match of Uno.

Sunday Team Ride

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Ride – 51 miles

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 Qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – bagel and cream cheese

Ride food – 2 small bottles of water, half a powerbar

stats – 167lbs, resting HR 42, Max HR 203

Rosanna and I woke up to chilly temps and fog.  AM 1000 (my wake up station… Travis Mayfield reporting!!!) was listing the accidents north and south from black ice.  Yay.  What’s the one thing you want to do in 35 degrees, fog and tired achy legs?  Well go out and ride of course!

We headed down to Leschi to meet my teammates and Ro’s friend and husband.  As my team headed off to do an epic day of Cedar Grove, Tiger, Squak, Zoo and Mercer… John and Lisa joined the four of us in an easy cruise around the south end of Mercer.  The three of us broke off on the east side and headed toward Cougar.

All in all it was a great ride.  For most of it we kept it an easy pace which I really needed as yesterday really had it’s way with my legs.  Halfway up Cougar my hamstring really started to ball up and John started pulling away and he got to the top about 20 yards ahead.  I cut a right and headed up to the very top and with my hamstring screaming I relied more on my quads and I am sure I looked like a monkey humping a football.  Just plain ridiculous.  The ride down Zoo was insane.  The road is way torn up and gravel was everywhere.   I hit 52mph before the hard left and then because of the road conditions I couldn’t keep a decent speed through the hairpins which was upsetting.  Coming down Zoo is one of my favorite parts of this ride.  Damn winter storms!

Back at Leschi, I spun down Lake WA Blvd to spin out my legs and try to work my hamstring out.  It was such a beautiful day that I forgot about the pain and enjoyed the sunshine.

Pictures from the day-



How the day started… foggy and cold



Ro cruising around Mercer Island with the IJM.org crew



Above the fog on Mercer Island.  Looking South to Renton across the water



John and Lisa making the climb up Cougar look easy



Brian… contemplating his hamstrings.



How the day ended… 

Love it!

Stay Beautiful-

Saturday Team Ride

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View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Ride – 63 miles U Village to Snohomish and back, click above to view the route

Bike – BMC SL01, 51 35 Qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – 1 piece of bacon, toast and coffee

Ride Food – 1 small bottle of cytomax, 1 small bottle of water and half a powerbar

Weight – 167


Start time was 8am from U Village.  I thought about starting from West Seattle but it would have meant waking up SUPER early, too much clothing and 20 pounds of lighting gear so I opted to drive.  As we rolled out of UV my legs felt tired and heavy so I hung at the back for a few miles to warm them up.  We had a great group and I was able to snap a few shots before the batteries died.


As we hit Seattle Hill Road the visibility went to almost zero.  The fog was so thick I was really worried about cars not being able to see us and pulling out on to the road in front of us.  Obviously Martin and GReg didn’t really feel the same way beacuse they flew past me like I was standing still so what else to do but chase them down?

Lowell was a rolling pace line to the top of River and I sat on the back with Dustin and Jeff while we let everyone else do the work.  Well, we sat on the back until the overpass when Dustin and I pulled out and he gave me an awesome lead out for the sprint.  Chalk that one up as the first (and possibly ONLY) for the season ;-)

The trip back was fairly calm until 156th and Martin tried for a solo run.  Greg and a few other chased him down and had a great sprint to the top, I eased off as I just wanted to MAKE IT to the top.  My legs were fried and I needed a little extra to get home.


All in all a good ride.  We have a strong team (especially Alex… Holy !#$*)  Good times to be had, hope I feel decent for tomorrows ride.

Holiday Recap and a Team Ride

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It seems like forever since I’ve come to chat with you.  It’s been so hectic lately and with the new web restrictions at work, I am unable to type a few lines when it pops in my head.

Rosanna and I were able to spend the Christmas holiday with our families with the exception of our younger siblings.  Evan was down south and Rebecca was stuck in Walla Walla but hopefully plans will come together soon as I miss both of them and feel like I haven’t hung out with Evan in ages.  I was able to see a majority of my Aunts, Uncles, cousins and their children last weekend.  As much as I love seeing all of them (and talking to Michelle on the phone) I constantly feel like I am missing half of my family.  My dad’s brother lives on the East coast as does his youngest and my oldest cousin lives in Texas and really wish that we could all get together some time soon.  I hope they know that even with the passing of dad that they ARE still my uncle and cousins and I do think of them and miss them.  So Rob, Ken (Dana and the kids!) and Matt… Merry Christmas.  I love and miss you.

New Years was a blast.  Rosanna and I headed out with Jeff, Paige, Greg, Suzie, Dustin and Elizabeth to the Connor Building for cocktails then a drive up to Capitol Hill to Poppies for wine and dinner before the clock hit midnight and the Space Needle blew up.  The weather didn’t cause too many problems, just a little cold and a few rain drops.  Ahem… I heard Jeff had to wash the inside and outside of the car this morning. Nice!

Today I went out on a quick team ride with Dustin, Greg, Jeff, Dean and Tony.  I think it was about 39 degrees and though we had a few showers in the morning we looked to be in the clear for a few hours.  Or maybe until we get to the East side :-)  we got pretty soaked and the once dry hands and feet turned quickly to ice blocks.  You could tell everyone was pretty miserable as the chipper conversation died off and the occasional “Damn my (insert body part) is freezing” was mumbled.  Tony obviously didn’t get the memo that we joined a new team as he was decked out in Byrne gear.  but by the end of the ride, he looked the warmest.

Ride- 40 miles

Bike – Klein Performance Touring 53-42 x 12-27 Sun wheels

Breakfast – Egg and sourdough toast

Ride Food – small bottle of water

Comments?  Damn my pecker was cold.  ;-)

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.  Thanks for sticking with me this last year and I do appreciate all of the emails for music recommendations, Racing, riding and picture updates and all the comments that you leave.

You are all Beautiful.  Stay that way-

Happy New Year.

Sunday Team Ride – My Hungover Quest to Lose Weight

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Rosanna and I were over at Dustin and Elizabeth’s for her birthday party. Dustin made sushi rolls and kept popping bottles of wine which I chased with 2 cans of Rainier Beer. I know, classy.

This morning I woke up late, queazy and 171 pounds. 171 pounds!

I was 145 pounds last season.  Sheesh.  Think I should start eating healthier?

But cheeseburgers are SO good!

Anyway, I was running a bit late and was supposed to meet the team in Kirkland so instead of riding all the way over, I drove to Mercer Island, parked and rode up to Cafe Ladro.


Ride – 45 miles

Bike – Klein Performance Touring 52-42 x 13-27 Sun Wheels

Breakfast – nothing

Ride Food – Small bottle of HEED and small bottle of Accelerade

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


It was a good ride, mostly for the guys I got to ride with.  I haven’t hung out with Brad for a while and I really missed him.  It was good to sit and chat with him and Dustin as they are great friends and I love the time I get to spend with them.  Good friends kick ass.

Came home to take care of my bride.  she isn’t feeling so hot (ahem… too much wine)

Off to have dinner with Jeff and Anna.  They both just ran the Seattle marathon and I am sure they are STARVING.

Sunday Team ride – Tandem!

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Rosanna and I headed out Sunday morning to meet the IJM/ TPR team as they left from Fremont and rolled through Logboom Park.  We were super happy when we noticed there were THREE other tandems on the ride.  AWESOME!  Martha and Mick, Martin and Shelly and Clint and Allison. We also had about 10 others on singles so we were rocking.

Martha brought her camera with her and attempted the “hold the camera over the head” trick, which I thought worked VERY well!

Notice the fog?  Ummm.. yeah.  It was a tad chilly down in Snohomish.  Brrrrrrrr!  The fog lifted though as we climbed out and it turned into an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day.

Rosanna had a great time and having M&M and M&S there really helped out.

Rock on.


View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

40 miles.

Bike – Cannondale Tandem

Breakfast – Bagel, Eggs, ensure, water and 5 sport leg pills

Ride Food – bag of shot blocks, 1 small bottle of water and 1 small bottle of accelerade.


Oh… and if you were wondering, yes.  My leg was killing me for the first 20 miles.  I have a feeling I’ll be a little sore for the next few days.  I need a massage!

Saturday Team Ride – Fixed

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Bike – Tempo Fixed Gear 42 x 16

Thank GOD we took a different route. Props to Martin for suggesting we head out to May Valley.

I don’t have the time right now to map out the ride but I think it was about 55-60, rolling miles. Great company with Martin, Todd, Kurt and Chance. Towards the end of May Valley my right hamstring started feeling really tight then down the hill on Renton/ Issaquah it got so bad I had to ride one legged to the bottom. A few stretches and a left hand turn later and we are on Newport where it balled up so bad I almost fell off my bike. The guys turned around and gave me some time to work it out, stretch and un-humiliate myself and then kept going. Todd flatted so it gave me a little more stretch time.

I had a small problem with a d-bag driver getting onto Factoria. He almost clipped me with his mirror (even though there are TWO LANES) and gave me the “hey how ya doing finger”. So unload on him… I didn’t cuss but I really wanted to give him a piece of my mind but he just stared straight ahead with his pipe and funny hat. Bastard.

By the time Martin and Kurt pulled off my leg was feeling a little better and I was able to cruise over to Fremont and grab a cup of coffee and a Motrin before heading home.

Now it’s off to work on the house and get the tandem ready for tomorrows ride. I hope the leg can take it….

Sunday Team Ride

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81 miles. I’m cooked

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – 2 eggs, Bagel w/ cream cheese and an Ensure

Ride Food – Powerbar, 2 small bottles of Heed

Nice cruise around the lake with a great bunch of guys. I say it a lot but mean it every time… These guys kick ass and am so happy they all came over to IJM.org/ Thumbprint Racing. We pushed the pace a few times and as trashed as my legs were I was still able to rub elbows, that is, until RC jumped on LWB out of Seward.  I got BLOWN out the back.  I just didn’t have the speed left in my legs.  I caught back up to them at Leschi and we put in in cruise control for the last few miles.  Greg K road to Fremont with me since he had to head to Ballard and then it was the lonesome chug back to West Seattle.

Now it’s beer, food and football over at my mom’s house in Port Orchard.


Stay Beautiful!

Saturday Team Fixed Gear Ride.

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76 miles

Bike – Schwinn Tempo fixed gear 42×16 

Breakfast – Leftover potatos, cottage cheese and a powerbar

Ride Food – One small bottle of water, one large bottle of Heed.

Man it was cold this morning!  The day turned out perfect, what a fun ride. Martin, Todd, Kurt, Jeff D all showed up fixed and it was so awesome.

Learned a few things today.

  • Do not drink heavily the night before if you are planning on actually performing well on the ride
  • Fixed gear rides should NOT be started from West Seattle.
  • Martin is right sometimes.

I’ll explain some of these.

I spent a lot of last night wiring up my shop in the basement.  Added a breaker and ran new romex to the room.  3 new 4′ strip lights and switch, 3 double duplex receptacles and some clean up. Nothing makes working with electricity more fun then draining beer and scotch into my gullet… so I did.

It’s a good 15 miles from my house to the Dog in front of Husky Stadium which is the Saturday meeting place.  which means whatever route we take, I need to remember to mentally add another 30 miles before I leave the house.  I should have parked at the U.

As we crossed I-90, Martin asked why I hadn’t gone through the tunnel to head home.  He was right.  In my state I should have headed that way instead I followed them up Madrona and headed to Nickerson.

I’m cooked.

Sunday Wrap Up.

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First of all… big props to my wife for her kick-ass ride on the tandem today.  It was her second time as stoker and she was all about riding with the boys and throwing down.  Nice job babe!

Ro and I woke up early to scarf down some breakfast and toss the tandem on the car to head up to U Village.  The TPR northend ride was heading out at 8:30 and I thought she would love to meet some of my new teammates and get a ride in at the same time.

We headed up north on 25th, Lake City way, the BG trail to Beardslee blvd and up to Clearview.  We got dropped on the hill coming out of Canyon park but it was all good.  I knew it would happen and all we needed was each others company anyway.  Ahhhh… the beauty of a tandem :-)  On the way back we stopped at Starbucks at LFP Village and sat outside sipping coffee and soaking up the sun before heading back down to the car.  Ride map attached-

 View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Then it was time to work.

Got up on the roof to inspect the flashings and stink pipes.  I need to replace the flashings on the chimney and clean the gutters but that will have to wait until next weekend as I promised Ro I would finish treating the deck off the house and the steps to the patio from the master.  I love staining :-)

So now I’m sitting in the TV room, sipping on a beer waiting for my dinner to be done.  I think I’ll ride to work tomorrow as it’s supposed to be super nice.


Have a fantastic Sunday evening everyone!

Tuesday Spin – Mercer

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Hit Mercer Island with Dustin, Alan, Allister and Alex Tuesday afternoon, catching some great sunshine in the process (even though I was in full arm/ knee warmers.  Sunny but a light chill.

I took the Klein just because I want to make sure it’s set up right and 20 miles is a good indicator.  Some small seat angle and height mods and a stem height adjustment was all it really needed and the only uncomfortable change between the BMC to this is the crank length.  Some people can’t tell the difference between 172.5 to 170 but it feels like I’m peddling a trike.  Toss in the fact that the BMC has the Q-rings on it instead of round and my legs really feel out of whack compared to the race rig.  I went through the same adjustment last year so I just need more time on it.

We took it pretty easy as Dustin’s hole where his appendix used to be is still healing.  It was really nice to just BS, spin around the island and pretty much have a great time.  The company made it so nice.

Halfway around the “Tuesday McSickness Hammerfest” blew past us at about 35 miles an hour going the other direction.  Only saw one guy smiling in that crew and it was Aaron Shaw.  He’s just a happy guy :-)

Have a fantastic day!

IJM.org/ Thumbprint Racing Team Ride

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What a great ride! our first IJM.org/ thumbprint racing meet and greet ride went off perfectly. A spin around Mercer then around the north end of Lake WA (with a stop into our sponsoring shop uBRDO) and then back to Leschi. Alot of the folks I already knew but meeting some folks that were excited to start this team and their enthusiasm really pumped things up for us.

I started from home so by the time I got home a hit the 72 mile mark and the lack of a breakfast was starting to set in. Thankfully I got 2 Hammer gels at uBURDO and those really came in handy.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-25 Spinergy Stealth wheels

Ride food – 1 large bottle of HEED, 1 small bottle of nuun, bag of cliff blocks and 2 hammer gells.

Breakfast – none (stupid)

What a great ride. I’m so excited for next year!!!

Commute/ Afternoon Training Ride

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Woke up early enough (4am) to hop on the bike and spin to work. it’s only about 17 miles to work so it takes an easy hour.

Morning ride is here-
View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

About 3 I left to go meet up with John N and ride around Mercer and then do some hills on the way home. It was supposed to be an easy “chat pace” ride but do they ever really stay that way? 46 miles added to my 17 in the morning.

Here is my afternoon-
View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

The second set of hills in WS really took it out of me, I was shaking by the time I got up to 35th and I was actually seeing spots when I got home. Good times, good times.

63 miles total on the day.

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Average HR – 152
Max – 198
Low – 53

Sunday Training Ride or “How We Dodged Seafair”

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Jesus H Christ.

For a city that prides itself on being “Green” there sure are a lot of people that take part in the most un-green weekend this place can possibly produce.


Jet fuel, gasoline, diesel, “who knows what just got dumped in Lake WA”

Maybe I’m just bitter because I had to climb a few extra hills since they blocked off the road. Maybe I’m just jealous because I had to bust out a 63 mile ride while all of the spectators were juicing up their liver with Keystone light. Really though, it’s a big party and I think that is pretty cool that everyone can get together and enjoy the day. If, though, I hear one more time after the thunderous roar of a blue angel comes rocking over Beacon Hill, “There’s the sound of freedom!”, I’m gonna punch them square in the nuts (or the boobs… I’ve been told I need to make my insults more equal in their address)

Anyway folks.

Hard ride today and I really needed it. I was pretty much destroyed by the time I got home. Good times with my teammates and some of my “new” teammates (more on that to come… ahem, Thumb Print Racing

took a nap while Rosanna and her two sisters had a chat out on the deck in the sun and then Ro and I busted out some yard work.

Now it’s beer time and maybe some steaks on the grill (or mystery meat hot dogs with mac and cheese… comfort food!)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Stay Beautiful-

Ride Map,
View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Training Ride, West Seattle Loop. 6-24-08

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2 loops around West Seattle. 28 miles 1300ft of climbing.

Bike BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL wheels.

Ride food – water

1st lap was an easy spin. I feel off, which I will describe later. I don’t know if I’m still sick or something else is wrong. I wanted to spin a high cadence to get the legs going and stay in the saddle the entire time which is a little hard going up Barton to 35th but I did it. I’m a “stander” and Greg yells at me EVERY time I get out of the saddle. I think it has a lot to do with my running background or maybe it’s just a bad habit that I need to break.

2nd lap went a little harder, completeing it 15 minutes faster than the first. Spent most of it in Zone 4 and had a tag along bunch, 1 guy was from Cucina and 3 others non kit around Alki which I dropped quite succesfully. I never came off the front but I wasn’t looking for a pace line, I’m sure they appreciated the draft in the good headwind we had. They guy who was right behind mewas in his aero bars, and I told him that if he wanted a pull he had to get off them. I’ve seen WAY too many accidents that way if you haven’t been practicing on them. I’m sure he thought I was an ass even though I was pretty polite about it. Hope he somehow reads this and understands I wasn’t trying to be a dick. Heading up Barton the second time kicked my ass. I did not recover from Lincoln Park Way and had a hard time breathing so I backed it off halfway up. I was feeling a bit dizzy and I knew it was time to bring it down a little.

Training Ride – Hill repeats

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Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 Qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL wheels

Ride Food – 1 bottle of Exceed, 2 shot blocks

Haven’t really been on the bike much as I’ve been VERY sick since Monday. What I thought were allergies turned out to be a full blown head/chest cold so I have been living in mucus land for a while. My body doesn’t respond well to meds, I can’t take a whole lot as it really messe with my body so I suffer through it with a spray of Afrin a day.

but I digress

I warmed up with a ride down the hill to Fauntleroy ferry, and around the park then started my repeats. I was surprised at how good I felt on the first one but wanted to keep a steady effort, never really coming out of zone 3. Each time I did it faster except the last which was 5 seconds slower then the previous and was in zone 5 the entire time. My chest was REALLY hurting and I thought I might have over done it a bit considering how sick I was.

Here is the map data, only 15 miles and 1600 feet of climbing but, hey… I just took a month off the bike AND I have been sick. Cut me some slack!

Off to go fix the bathroom sink!


Back on the Bike – Crit Clinic

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My teammates put on a crit clinic at Magnuson Park last night, great way to get some new comers to the sport some info before their first criterium.  It was also a chance for those seasoned veterans of the 4 corner painfest to hear a different perspective on warm-up, race readiness and tactics.  It was well attended considering the weather and for those of you who would like participate in future clinics put on by our team, stay tuned!  this is open to ALL cyclists, not just ByrneInvent/ JCV members. and I will post dates on my bloggy blog.


I took the BMC out for a spin, something that I haven’t had the chance to do lately (uuuhh… MARRIAGE!) and hit the road.  I can really feel my loss in fitness.  After a 15 minute warm up I did a short ladder interval set  before riding over to the park.  My legs feel stong but the lungs aren’t working so well.  I felt like I was out puke stage on the last 30 second sprint so I think I did the job.  I jumped on the trail and braved the commuter traffic past UW and was really pleased with just how many people are riding their bikes now even when the weather is poop.

Best part of the ride was passing a guy on a BMX bike carrying an old style boombox on his shoulder.  That brought back some memories :-)

I’m very happy to be back on the bike.  I might try to hang on at Seward this Thursday since the weather looks fairly good.